Current Students

Through developmental advising, the Undergraduate Advising Center staff and the advisors in each of the college’s 10 major departments, are committed to promoting student academic growth and success within the College of Engineering and the larger Drexel Community.

The Undergraduate Advising Center provides academic support and assistance primarily to undergraduate freshmen and sophomore students in the College of Engineering however pre-juniors in Mechanical, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering will also be served through the UAC. Our staff can help you in areas such as academic advising, scheduling of classes, transferring credits to Drexel, personal support and explanation of university policy and procedures. Our advising staff also specializes in aiding new freshmen and transfer students in their adjustment to the university. See the complete list of College of Engineering advisors below. If you are a current student, please check your DrexelOne account for your advisor information. Advisors have been assigned by admit year and classification so Drexel One has the most accurate information.

The Undergraduate Advising Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Please stop by our office (Room 155, University Crossings), or use the Drexel One portal, to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. You can also contact us by phone at 215.895.2211 or by email at

In addition to scheduled appointments, our advisors have open-office hours as follows:

Weekday Hours
Monday 1 - 3 pm
Tuesday 1 - 3 pm
Wednesday 10am - 12 pm, 1 - 3pm
Thursday 1 - 3 pm

Appointments are not required to see an advisor during the above times; however, if the situation warrants, students may be asked to make an appointment with their academic advisor for further assistance.

UAC Advisors

Current list of UAC Advisors [PDF]

Advisor Caseload Advisor Email Location
Architectural, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
A-C (FR-SO) Micalena Sallavanti UCROSS, 155
D-Z (FR-SO) Dionne Gordon-Starks UCROSS, 155
A-I (PJ), A – Z (JR-SR)
Noelle Palladino UCROSS, 155
D-Z (FR,SO), J-Z (PJ) Dionne Gordon-Starks UCROSS, 155
Chemical and Biological Engineering
A-Z (FR-SO) Micalena Sallavanti UCROSS, 155
A-Z (PJ-SR) Katie Brumbelow CAT, 280
Construction Management
A-Z Jessica Cruz 3101 Market St, Suite 130
Electrical and Computer Engineering
A-K (FR-SO) Jennifer Matthews UCROSS, 155
L-Z (FR-SO) Stephanie Delaney UCROSS, 155
A-K (PJ-SR) Haley Dervinis Bossone, 313
L-Z (PJ-SR) Craig Geffre Bossone, 312
A-H (FR) Jennifer Matthews UCROSS, 155
I-L (FR) Jillian Johnston UCROSS, 155
M-R (FR) Stephanie Delaney UCROSS, 155
S-Z (FR) Rosie Sullivan UCROSS, 155
A-Z (SO-SR) Emily Bogunovich UCROSS, 155
Engineering Undeclared
A-H (FR) Jennifer Matthews UCROSS, 155
I-L (FR) Jillian Johnston UCROSS, 155
M-R (FR) Stephanie Delaney UCROSS, 155 
S-Z (FR)  Rosie Sullivan UCROSS, 155 
Engineering Technology
A-Z Gergana (Gerry) Willis One Drexel Plaza, 018
Materials Science and Engineering
A-Z Sarit Kunz LeBow Engineering Center, 344
Mechanical Engineering
A-H (FR-SO), A-G (PJ) Emily Bogunovich UCROSS, 155 
I-Q (FR-SO), H-L (PJ) Jillian Johnston UCROSS, 155
R-Z (FR-SO), M-Z (PJ) Rosie Sullivan UCROSS, 155
E-K (PJ), A-L (JR-SR) Alyssa Garnich UCROSS, 155
L-Q (PJ), M-Z (JR-SR) Dane Zdunowski UCROSS 155