Drexel University is engaged in broader impacts outreach that directly enriches girls in STEM education!

Girls Inc. 

Faculty and students from Drexel University have partnered with Girls Inc. of Philadelphia to offer a unique experiential learning opportunity for middle school girls during the summer. The College of Engineering hosts 50 to 55 girls at the Innovation Studio and in labs and classrooms across Drexel’s campus for a STEM girls summer program.  In 2023, we will run this 4-week program called Eureka! from July 6th until July 28th.

The Eureka! program is an intensive, five-year, STEM based program for rising 8th grade girls that builds their confidence and skills through hands-on opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Utilizing a whole girl approach, the program also incorporates sports and physical fitness, personal development, and college and career readiness.  Eureka! broadens girls' future academic and career interests, encourages enrollment in advanced math and science courses, promotes positive risk-taking, and assists girls in developing networks of peers and mentors to support their future endeavors.

During Eureka!, girls gain first-hand knowledge through a variety of exciting and compelling activities that explore the cutting-edge world of STEM through experiences in a college campus environment.  With complementary activities in healthy living, social justice, and financial literacy, Eureka!'s approach fosters educational, professional and personal development.  


  • Participate in a 4-week summer STEM camp at Drexel University
  • Participate in exciting field trips
  • Participate in swimming instruction, sports, and more personal development activities
  • Attend monthly meetings during the school year

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Volunteers who can design and lead workshops that are hands-on, engaging, and enhance STEM motivation and interest are strongly urged to contact Simi Hoque at or Kim Spina at for more information.

If you are interested in enrolling your daughter in the Eureka! summer STEM program, please contact Niah Lombo at Girls Inc. at or complete the application here.