Profile: Akshay Finney

M.S. in Cybersecurity
Co-op Organization: Meditology

Akshay Finney
Akshay Finney

Inspired by the 1995 classic film Hackers, Akshay works in cybersecurity doing what he calls “ethical hacking,” where Akshay and his colleagues travel to hospitals and hack their systems to demonstrate how they’re vulnerable. For Akshay, this work is building off of his Master’s Thesis, which focused on cyber-physical systems and medical device security. He’s passionate about this too, acknowledging that those most vulnerable are often the first to suffer.

At Drexel, Akshay had three standout moments during his academic career. The first was his first day of Web Security 101, where the professor (who Akshay deemed “amazing”) blew his mind by delving into computer science. The next was his co-op experience at Meditology. “I learned so much in six months,” says Akshay, “I learned real skills that translated to the work force.” The third standout moment for Akshay was when he and his classmates hosted a cybersecurity conference. They manage to bring in top of the line companies and people, for the purpose of getting students exposure with industry professionals.

Akshay believes he wouldn’t be where he is today without Drexel and the co-op system. “As clichéd as it is, the co-op system is what makes Drexel stand out.” Having just graduated, Akshay is excited to work in Philadelphia, and says that Drexel is in a prime location for fellow cybersecurity professionals. He’s excited to meet amazing people, and believes he’s found his niche. “I love what we do. We do it so people can sleep better at night."