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Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics is the largest department in Drexel’s College of Engineering. Mechanical engineers use the principles of energy, materials, and mechanics to design and manufacture machines and devices of all types. We explore how matter behaves at extremes and poke at the boundary between human activity and what machines can do. Traditional career pathways have broadened into new opportunities in biomechanics, high-performance computing, infrastructure systems, materials, and robotics. Today, MEM graduates design and develop everything we think of as machines.

Unlike other universities, Drexel MEM initiates students into design work during the freshmen year, when teams are created to tackle real-world research projects. Interested students have the opportunity to work with faculty in their labs, and also may choose to apply for acceptance into Drexel's Students Tackling Advanced Research (STAR) Scholars Program.

The department offers BS, MS, and PhD programs. Our students choose either a global, interdisciplinary curriculum that instills a broad and diverse skill set, or course work entirely focused on one of six specializations. Qualified students can earn a BS/MS degree in five years and may apply after earning 90 credits and before achieving 120 credits. Accelerated degree programs are available to graduate students.


The role of the mechanical engineer in today’s society is rapidly changing. Advances in manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure systems, materials, communications, and high-performance computing have introduced new demands, opportunities, and challenges for mechanical engineers. What was once an individual endeavor has now become a team activity. Today’s industries require that mechanical engineers possess diverse interdisciplinary skills, a global viewpoint, entrepreneurial and managerial abilities, and an understanding of the forces governing the marketplace.

Left, World's most powerful Gliding Arc stabilized in tornado flow.

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