Graduate Program Manual


This document describes the rules and regulations of the graduate programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. Every graduate student of the Department must comply with these rules and regulations in conjunction with University regulations.

The rules and regulations described herein pertain to the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MEM) as of the Spring Quarter 2010. All students entering either the M.S. program or the Ph.D. program must follow the rules and regulations set forth herein. Students are reminded that in addition to these departmental rules, they have to meet Drexel University graduate requirements as described by Office of Graduate Studies.

1.1 Core Areas and Subject Areas

The MEM Department offers the following four core areas for specialization: Mechanics, Thermal & Fluid Sciences, Systems & Control, and Design & Manufacturing.

Mechanics Solid Mechanics
MEM 663, MEM 660
Advanced Dynamics
MEM 666, MEM 667
Thermal & Fluid Sciences Advanced Thermodynamics MEM 601, MEM 602
Heat Transfer Any two from MEM 611, MEM 612, MEM 613
Fluid Mechanics MEM 621, MEM 622
Systems & Control Robust Control Systems MEM 633, MEM 634
Non-linear Control Theory MEM 636, MEM 637
Real Time Microcomputer Control MEM 639, MEM 640
Design & Manufacturing Manufacturing Any two from MEM 687, MEM 688, MEM 617

To provide sufficient mathematical foundation required for these courses, the MEM Department offers a three-quarter sequence in applied mathematics entitled "Applied Engineering Analysis Methods" (MEM 591, 592, 593).

1.2 Plan of Study

All students entering the MEM Department must file an approved M.S. or Ph.D. Plan of Study. With consultation of the student's Advisor, the Plan of Study must be filed prior to the third term of study since the requirements for graduation will be those in effect at the time of filing. Any changes or deviations from this Plan of Study that may affect the fulfillment of degree requirements must be approved in writing, in advance, by filing a new Plan of Study. Failure to file a Plan of Study or failure to obtain prior written approval to any changes in a Plan of Study may result in non-acceptance of the un-approved courses for fulfilling the degree requirements.