Systems and Controls Courses

MEM 521 Fluid Power Control
Prerequisite: MEM 636 or equivalent. Reviews pertinent theories of fluid flow, fluid pump parameters, operating forces on control valves and actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, and fluid amplifiers. (E, S)

MEM 530 Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control I
Covers development of dynamic models, linearization, aerodynamic coefficients, control derivatives, longitudinal and lateral modes, and open-loop analysis, (Y, F)

MEM 531 Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control II
Prerequisite: MEM 530. Covers longitudinal control, lateral control, MATLAB software, pole placement, optimal control, observer design, and simulation. Requires term projects. (Y, W)

MEM 633 Robust Control Systems I
Covers linear spaces and linear operators; Banach and Hilbert spaces; time-domain spaces; frequency-domain spaces; singular value decomposition; EISPACK, LINPACK, and MATLAB, including internal stability; coprime factorization over the ring of polynomial matrices; matrix fraction description; properties of polynomial matrices; irreducible MFDS; Smith-McMillan form; poles and zeros; canonical realizations; and computation of minimal realizations. (Y, F)

MEM 634 Robust Control Systems II
Prerequisite: MEM 633. Covers the structure of stabilizing controllers; coprime factorization over the ring of proper stable rational i-natrices; algebraic Riccati equation; state space computation of coprime factorization; YVB controller parametrization; linear fractional transformation; state space structure of proper stabilizing controllers; formulation of control problem, H, and H optimization problem; model matching problem; tracking problem; robust stabilization problem; inner-outer factorization; and Sarason's H interpolation theory. (Y, W)

MEM 635 Robust Control Systems III
Prerequisite: MEM 634. Covers Hankelnorm approximations, balanced realizations, two-block H optimization, generalized multivariable stability margins, structured and non-structured stability margins, structured singular values, robust stabilization and performance, and recent developments in robust control. (Y, S)

MEM 636 Theory of Non-Linear Control I
Provides a comprehensive introduction to the geometric theory of non-Iinear dynamical systems and feedback control. Includes stability, controllability, and observability of nonlinear systems; exact linearization, decoupling, and stabilization by smooth feedback; and zero dynamics. (Y, F)

MEM 637 Theory of Non-Linear Control II
Covers systems with parameters, including bifurcation and stability; static bifurcation; local regulation of parameter-dependent non-linear dynamics; tracking; limit cycles in feedback systems; perturbation methods; frequency domain analysis; and applications. (Y, S)

MEM 638 Theory of Non-Linear Control III
Covers high gain and discontinuous feedback systems, including sliding modes, applications, and advanced topics. (Y, S)

MEM 639 Real-Time Microcomputer Control I
Prerequisite: MEM 350 or equivalent. Covers discrete-time systems and the z-transform, sampling and data reconstruction, the pulse transfer function, discrete state equations, time-domain analysis, digital simulation, stability, frequency-domain analysis, LabVIEW programming, and data acquisition and processing. (Y, F)

MEM 640 Real-Time Microcomputer Control II
Prerequisite: MEM 639. Covers design of discrete-time controllers, sampled data transformation of analog filter, digital filters, microcomputer implementation of digital Filters, LabVIEW programming techniques, using the DAQ library, writing a data acquisition program, and LabVIEW implementation of PID controllers. (W)

MEM 730 Control of Flexible Space Structures I
Covers modeling of FSS, including PDE description and finite element modeling, model errors, model reduction, component cost analysis, modal cost analysis, stability of mechanical systems, gyroscopic and non-gyroscopic systems, and rate and position feedback. (O, F)

MEM 731 Control of Flexible Space Structures II
Prerequisite: MEM 730. Covers probability theory, stochastic processes, Kalman filter, LQG compensators, controller reduction, CCA theory, balancing reductions, and applications. (O. W)

MEM 733 Applied Optimal Control I
Covers necessary, conditions from calculus of variations, equality and inequality constraints, fixed and free final time problems, linear-quadratic control, bang-bang control, and application to problems in flight mechanics. (E, F)

MEM 734 Applied Optimal Control II
Prerequisite: MEM 733. Covers neighboring extremals and the second variation, perturbation feedback control, sufficient conditions, numerical solution methods, and application to problems in flight mechanics. (E, W)

MEM 735 Applied Optimal Control III
Prerequisite: MEM 734. Covers singular arc control. model following control, variable structure control, singular perturbation methods, differential games, and applications. (E, S)