Graduate Course Lists

Graduate Course List

  • MEM 699 Independent Study and Research in Mechanical Engineering

    Prerequisite: permission of department. Variable credits/term.

  • MEM 800 Special Topics

    Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Covers topics of current interest to faculty and students; specific topics for each term will be announced prior to registration. May be repeated for credit if topics vary. (Y, F, W, S) 2-12 credits/term

  • MEM 898 Master's Thesis

    (F, W, S) 2-12 credits/term

  • MEM 998 Ph. D. Dissertation

    (Y, F, W, S) 2-12 credits/term

Courses by Specialty

A numerical list of all of the mechanical engineering graduate courses can be found in the Drexel Catalog.  The list of courses offered in specific terms is found in the Term Master Schedule.