Biologically-Inspired and Resource-Conserving Advanced Materials Initiative (BRAVE)

Biologically-Inspired and Resource-Conserving Advanced Materials (BRAVE) is a Drexel DARE research initiative involving faculty from numerous Drexel colleges and schools that is designed to stake out a national leadership role in the synthesis and processing of new materials. Along with its primary investigator, Drexel Materials Professor and Department Head Michele Marcolongo, research leadership will be provided by Assistant Professor Lin Han (BioMed), Professor Goran Karapetrov (Physics), Professor Chris Li (Materials), Associate Professor Steve May (Materials), and Hoeganaes Associate Professor Mitra Taheri (Materials). A full list of BRAVE participants can be found here.

BRAVE graphic

BRAVE will drive new frontiers in materials design and processing innovation, enabling new materials with biologically-inspired function and properties tailored to address challenging societal problems related to energy and water consumption. BRAVE is perfectly poised to unite cross-college/school collaborations among outstanding materials and processing researchers at Drexel to launch interdisciplinary collaborations and center activities that will adapt to changing innovation and societal needs.