Soft Materials & Polymers Track

Soft matter refers to organic materials having complex structural and dynamic properties between those of crystals and fluids. Materials belonging to this category are polymers, liquid crystals, colloids, gels and foams. Biomacromolecules such as polypeptides and DNA also belong to this category. Due to the relatively weak inter-molecular interaction, thermal fluctuations, external fields and boundary effects strongly influence the structure and properties of soft matter. This interdisciplinary track is designed to prepare students for careers in soft materials related industries such as polymers, cosmetics, liquid crystal devices and displays, and biomaterials as well as for graduate research programs such as materials science, bioengineering, chemical engineering, electric engineering, physics and chemistry.

Suggested Course Sequence

  • CHEM 242
  • CHEM 465
  • CHEM 466 or 467
  • MATE 501

Relevant Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
MATE 501 Structure & Properties of Polymers 3
CHEM 364
Spectroscopic Analysis
CHEM 244
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 242
Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 243
Organic Chemistry III
CHEM 245
Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 367
Chemical Information Retrieval
CHEM 420
Molecular Symmetry and Group-Theory Chemistry
CHEM 465
Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 466
Physical Chemistry of Polymers
CHEM 467
Polymer Chemistry III

CHEM 561

Polymer Chemistry I

CHEM 562 Polymer Chemistry II 3
CHEM 563 Polymer Chemistry III 3
MEM 438 Manufacturing Process II (Review prerequisites) 3