Master of Science

The online Master of Science in Engineering Technology program is intended to address the needs of the experienced industry professional. The program is geared toward practitioners who are interested in developing marketable skills to meet evolving workforce demands, expand opportunities for professional advancement, or pursue a managerial position. The program focuses primarily on the applied aspects of technology closest to product improvement, industrial practices, and interaction of engineering technology with operations.

The program is designed for students who wish to:

  • Utilize concepts and skills learned in a variety of professional and technical disciplines to improve production and quality control process performance
  • Plan, facilitate, and integrate technology and problem-solving techniques into leadership functions typical of the industrial enterprise system
  • Engage in technical research to solve specific problems and add value to an existing industrial environment
  • Develop the diverse technical communication skills needed to successfully manage in today’s competitive environment through theories, concepts, and hands-on experience

Students learn through real-time, remote or virtual labs to gain invaluable experience in real-world settings. Graduates are versatile and have the ability to communicate effectively in industrial organizations with production engineers, design engineers, and both technical and non-technical managers. The MSET degree provides a broad grasp of relevant engineering technologies and develops the kind of insight that will add value to any industrial organization.