The mission of the Department of Engineering, Leadership and Society is to educate engineers and leaders who are focused on the complex challenges of 21st century society.

The department will have a strong bias towards the practice of engineering and management, rather than on theoretical studies, and will take a leading role in the creation and adoption of modern learning technologies and pedagogical approaches that educate students synchronously and asynchronously, and throughout their careers.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SE2M) programs provide a world class quality engineering education that enables students to become engineering leaders capable of solving complex engineering challenges and promoting economic development in a global society.

Construction Management

The Construction Management program is dedicated to raising the levels of professionalism, integrity, ethical practice, safety and performance within the construction industry.

Engineering Technology

The mission of the Engineering Technology program is to educate engineers to address the technological and engineering challenges of 21st century industry and society.

Peace Engineering

Peace Engineering is the nation's first program dedicated to preventing and reducing violent conflict through education and research that integrates innovative technologies, approaches, and policies with the studies and practices of peacebuilders. Our mission is to educate professionals to work proficiently at the intersection of engineering and peacebuilding and to make ‘conflict sensitivity’ a responsibility of engineers and a required criterion in the engineering design process.