ECE Ambassadors

The ECE Ambassadors are current students in the department who are available to connect with prospective first-year and transfer students. They are here to help students and their families learn more about the ECE Department and Drexel University by discussing opportunities that are available, answering questions about what it's like to be a student, and assisting new students as they transition to Drexel. Please see our list of ECE Ambassadors below and feel free to contact them with questions that you would like a student perspective on!

Fall 2019-Winter 2020 ECE Ambassadors

Riddhi Ameser
5th-year Computer Engineering student

ECE Ambassador Riddha Ameser
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  • Why I chose Drexel ECE: ECE is the best of both worlds - the perfect balance of hardware and software engineering. You learn not only how things work from the lowest level, but why they work the way that they do and that is very powerful.
  • My favorite co-op: My favorite co-op thus far has been developing Health Tech mobile applications for Johnson & Johnson. It's been incredible to see how much of an impact you can have through programming and building physical devices.


Adam Bengis
4th-year Computer Engineering student

ECE Ambassador Adam Bengis
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  • Why I chose Drexel ECEI've been a programmer my whole life; I didn't realize it until I was a teenager, though. The electrical part of it came after I started high school when I began tinkering with robotics and Arduino. I just really wanted to make Minecraft mods; I never thought I'd be doing internships at some of the biggest companies on the planet!
  • The coolest thing about Drexel: While on my first co-op, I decided that I wanted to develop a special suit that would enable dancers to add another dimension to the stories they were trying to tell through bright and coclorful lights. It started as a personal project with a few friends involved in Drexel's dance programs, and is now joining forces with the Dance Department and potentially other labs at Drexel to create a comfortable, high-tech, and energized display of emotion and storytelling through dance and lighting.


Jamie Wu
3rd-year Electrical Engineering student

ECE Ambassador Jamie Wu
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  • Why I chose Drexel ECEI actually enrolled as Still Deciding and switched into ECE my second year. It took a little trial and error: being in a different major then talking to my advisors, professors, upperclassmen and friends to figure out that ECE is the right fit for my aspirations. If you are in the same boat as I was in my first year, find comfort in the fact that Drexel has teh resources to help you like it did for me!
  • What I love about PhiladelphiaThe food, and I'm not talking about cheesesteaks. I would definitely recommend checking out Reading Terminal Market, Chinatown, and Old City if you haven't already. My favorite spots include Miller's Twist (soft pretzels), Little Sheep (hotpot) and Franklin Fountain (ice cream).


Celine Khoo
3rd-year BS/MS student (BS in Computer Engineering, MS in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering)

ECE Ambassador Celine Khoo
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  • Why I chose ECE: I came into Drexel as a Still Deciding Engineering student and fell in love with ECE when I realized the breadth of applications for Electrical and Computer Engineering. ECE gives its students the ability to contribute to a huge range of industries in meaningful ways.
  • My advice for prospective students: Wherever you go, get involved! Student organizations are amazing resources and provide not only personal and professional development opportunities, but great friends too!


Laura Peña-Leyton
5th-year Electrical Engineering student

ECE Ambassador Laura Pena-Leyton
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  • Why I chose Drexel ECEI chose ECE because I am able to work and learn about technology that is part of a wide variety of applications.
  • A piece of advice I give to prospective students: Try to get involved with different activities. Do not be afraid to try new opportunities and put yourself out there. 


Basem Saleh
4th-year Electrical Engineering student

ECE Ambassador Basem Saleh

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  • Why I chose Drexel ECE: Because it's a vastly growing industry, and all the interesting, emerging technologies you can work on such as electric cars, automated robotics, radar development, and even devices related to the internet-of-things.
  • A piece of advice I give to prospective students: Take advantage of the many clubs, organizations, and even the city life here in Philly on top of your education! While at Drexel, the Weekend Warriors club inspired me to snowboard, the Philly city life got me interested in cycling and mountain biking, and one of the music classes here got me into learning guitar! On top of it all, I'm still an electrical engineer yearning to work in a booming industry. Coming here was a great decision to develop both my hobbies and my knowledge.


Moaaz Moazzam
4th-year BS/MS Electrical Engineering student

ECE Ambassador Moaaz Moazzam

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  • Why I chose Drexel ECE: I chose ECE because I garnered an interest in electronics in high school through one of my classes. After several months of thought while at Drexel, I thought the ECE program was the perfect choice for me.
  • My favorite co-op: My favorite co-op was definitely my second one, mainly because of the people I interacted with. I met people who were older than me but the age difference brought new ideas and prospective to a variety of topics like food, culture, and, of course, electrical engineering.

Clara Fancher
4th-year Electrical Engineering student



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  • Why I chose Drexel ECE: I was on the robotics team in high school and I ended up having to design the electrical system by myself. This was a lot to learn all at once, but I found that I really enjoyed the problem-solving and variety of work that you see in electrical engineering.
  • A piece of advice I give to prospective students: Jump into every opportunity! There is no downside to opening doors for yourself - both academically and socially - by making connections with people, asking questions, and showing off your curiosity to the world!