BS/MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

The BS/MS is an accelerated degree program that gives academically qualified students the opportunity to receive two diplomas (B.S. and M.S.) at the same time in five years, graduating in the same time to earn the bachelor's degree alone. Students can still enjoy the benefits and rewards of the Drexel Co-op experience while gaining research experience by working with research faculty. Typical salaries for students with M.S. degrees are about 25% higher than those with B.S. degrees. An additional benefit of pursuing the BS/MS at Drexel's College of Engineering is the possibility of receiving a B.S. degree in one discipline and a M.S. degree in the same or related discipline.


Students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3, who are in good academic standing and are enrolled as five year co-op students, are eligible. Students officially enter the program after completion of 90 credits and before completion of 120 credits. However, students are encouraged to begin planning for the program early. Students who meet these BS/MS eligibility requirements must submit a BS/MS plan of study for approval. Interested students should read the BS/MS information available in the Advising for Engineers portal and contact their advisor with questions. Students applying in the quarter in which they will be registered for 120 credits must apply and have their paperwork submitted to the Graduate College within the first three (3) weeks of that quarter.

Academic Requirements

Students in Bachelors/Masters program take 180 undergraduate credits plus the required 45 graduate credits. Students in the program must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their undergraduate and graduate course work in order to remain in the program.

If the student decides to withdraw from the BS/MS program, they must complete the degree requirements for the B.S. degree.

Senior Design or Thesis Option

BS/MS students can either choose a Master's thesis or Senior Design. If the thesis option is chosen, the BS/MS student will be required to submit the BS/MS Master's Thesis Proposal Contract for approval before registering for the Master’s thesis course. In addition, after completion of the Master's thesis, the student will be required to submit a letter to the ECE Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Studies from their Master's Thesis Advisor describing the design elements in the thesis and the appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints used in the design which could include standards, health and safety, ethics/environmental/social-political, economic, sustainability and manufacturability. This letter needs to be submitted to the ECE Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Studies by the thesis submission deadline and will be included in the student's ECE file.

Learn More about Master's Thesis

To choose the thesis option, please fill out the BS/MS Thesis Proposal Contract.

If you have any questions about the BS/MS program, please contact your assigned ECE advisor.