MS Programs

The Master's of Science (MS) programs section of the ECE Department website is intended to provide information about departmental policies and procedures as well as referrals to other resources that are pertinent to students pursuing one of the MS degree programs administered by the ECE department. The following information will provide a brief overview of each of the resources in this section, listed in the left-hand sidebar.

Curricular Requirements

The ECE Department offers a number of MS degree programs, each of which has specific curricular requirements which must be met in order to earn the degree. These curricular requirements are discussed in degree-specific pages as follows:

Degree Completion Options

Each of the MS degree programs administered by the ECE Department can be completed solely by successfully finishing all requisite coursework and meeting all other departmental and university requirements. There are, however, two other options available to enhance the MS degree experience.

Participate in the Graduate Co-op Program

Complete a Master's Thesis

Constructing an MS Program Plan

A program plan is an essential planning tool for both students and the department. Given the value of this tool for both the student and the department, each student pursuing an MS degree in the ECE Department is required to develop, submit and have approved by the graduate advisors a program plan. In order to assist students in this process of program planning, the graduate advisors have put together the Constructing an MS Program Plan page to provide information about the program plan submission deadlines and construction process, contextual referrals to helpful program planning resources, program plan templates, and advice regarding various nonacademic factors that should be considered during the program planning process.