Departmental Research

The Department of Construction, Engineering, and Project Management & Systems Engineering hosts an array of overlapping research areas including:

  • Sustainable development
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Healthcare systems engineering
  • Accelerated drug development models 
  • Supply chain systems
  • Human centered system design and integration
  • Systems analysis and optimization
  • Risk analysis and management

Read below for some examples of recent projects within the Department. Students interested in research opportunities should contact their respective program's of interest within the Department.

Smart Electric Service Panel

The market of home automation is growing yet the individual components put on the market are diverse and not always interoperable. After a thorough analysis of requirements,  a conceptual development of a smart panel was undertaken which will allow various devices to operate together and the owner to be able control all home automation through a single channel.


Systems Modeling of the Social Determinants of Health

The social determinants of health are interacting and dynamic environmental, social and demographic factors which play a large role in influencing health outcomes.  Building systems models of these factors allowed Systems Engineering and Engineering Management students to work together and determine how these factor influence each other.  Using data from the City of Philadelphia, prototype models were developed to determine which ones would yield the biggest effect on overall health which can be used to influence policy and spending decisions.