Message from the Department Head

Christine Fiori I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Department of Construction, Engineering, and Project Management and Systems Engineering.

The department combines four respected and productive programs to provide unique opportunities and career options for our students:

These four programs share an affinity based on their respective missions, the nature of the industries they support, and the composition of their students. They are technically-driven, action-focused, and prepare students for leadership roles in their respective industries.  At both the undergraduate and graduate level, these programs provide exceptional opportunities for students to expand their academic experiences and obtain skillsets that differentiate them from their peers.

The faculty possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in their industries and are on the cutting edge of their respective disciplines. This knowledge transcends into the classroom, providing students with a unique learning experience. We are committed to being the preeminent center for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the disciplines we serve.  We expect our students to leave Drexel with an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to embrace industry challenges and lead it far into the future.

I hope you decide to accept the challenge.


Christine Fiori, PhD, PE, 

Department Head
Construction, Engineering, and Project Management 
and Systems Engineering