Accelerated and Dual Degree Programs

The Accelerated Program of the College of Engineering provides opportunities for highly-talented and strongly-motivated students to progress toward their educational goals essentially at their own pace. Through advanced placement, credit by examination, flexibility of scheduling, and independent study, the program makes it possible to complete the undergraduate curriculum and initiate graduate study in less than the five years required by the standard curriculum.

Bachelor’s/Master’s Dual Degree Program

Drexel offers a combined MS/BS degree program for our top engineering students who want to obtain both degrees in the same time period as most students obtain a Bachelors degree.

A Unique Opportunity

Quality and innovation are synonymous with Drexel's academic programs where our goal is to prepare you for the career of your choice. But what if you already know that your ultimate career goal requires more than a bachelor's degree? Drexel's Bachelor's/Master's Dual Degree Program may be the right choice for you. It is an accelerated program providing the academically qualified student an opportunity to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree (two diplomas awarded) in program areas of his/her choice in five years, the time normally required to finish a bachelor's degree alone.

The program combines the practical work experience of Drexel undergraduate co-operative education with the graduate credentials of an advanced degree. Students may earn both degrees in the same major, or may complete their master's degree in a different field. With both an undergraduate and graduate degree and practical work experience, BS/MS graduates enter the work force with specialized knowledge and training. The additional knowledge gives the Drexel BS/MS student a wide range of career opportunities.

This is a demanding program. But several benefits are built into the BS/MS dual degree program which make it possible to do in the time allotted. For instance, fewer undergraduate credits are required for the combined degrees (180 instead of 192). Also, co-op experiences may be adjusted (two co-op periods instead of three) giving the BS/MS student two additional quarters to take courses. (Note that there are billing implications to waiving a co-op cycle.) If needed, students may also take evening courses while on co-op.


Exceptional students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and who are enrolled as five year co-op students are eligible. Students officially enter the program after completion of 90 credits and before completion of 120 credits. Students are encouraged to begin planning for the program as early as their freshman year.

Academic Requirements

BS in Engineering requires 192 approved credits. MS in Engineering requires 45-48 graduate credits based on the individual graduate program. Students in Bachelors/Masters program take between 180 and 184 undergraduate credits plus the required graduate credits. Students in the program must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 in their undergraduate and graduate course work in order to remain in the program. If the student decides to withdraw from the BS/MS program, she/he must have completed the required 192 credits to receive the BS degree.

With any questions, please contact:

Jonathan Cheng, Associate Professor,
Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department


The College of Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center

Dual BS Degrees

Historically, approximately 70% of architectural engineering students have pursued the dual degree in civil Engineering. Students can complete the BS in Civil engineering by taking several additional courses. Traditionally these courses have included:

  • Surveying
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Hydrology
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundations
  • In Situ Materials

Most students take these extra courses while on co-op or during the regular term. (Please see your advisor for the most up to date course requirements).

Students can also elect to complete a BS in Environmental Engineering.