BS in Engineering

BS in Engineering students are encouraged to create their own plan of study with the assistance of their BSE Advisors. See the The path to the BS in Engineering degree should be unique and tailor made based on the students’ interests. Students in the BSE program will have an opportunity to integrate the engineering core curriculum with another area of study either technical, pre-professional, humanities or other non-engineering disciplines.

The BS in Engineering (BSE) curriculum includes the following requirements:

  • General Education Requirements (24 credits)
  • Free Electives (24 credits)
  • Math and Science Requirements (36.5 credits)
  • Core Curriculum Requirements (22 credits)
  • Engineering Requirements (45 credits)
  • Technical Electives (18 credits)

Details are available in the course catalog

During the student’s sophomore year, the Director of the BSE program, Dr. Kurzweg, will review and approve the BSE plan. Several factors may influence each specific BSE plan of study including:

  • Interests and career goals
  • AP credits
  • Participation in an accelerated program: BS/JD, BS/MBA or BS/MD
  • Addition of a minor or minors

Advising Overview

Because the BSE Program is a flexible and customizable approach to the study of Engineering, we require students to think through their plans of study in advance of each quarter. It is our hope that through regular advising check-ins, you will maximize your experience in this program, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Engineering and moving onto a vibrant career!

First-Year Advising Requirement/All Interested Students

This meeting will occur in the first-year of your BSE program or could be a meeting for a student who is exploring this major program. This may not occur during the freshman year as many students opt to join this program later on in their academic career at Drexel. During this meeting, you will meet with the Program Advisor, Emily Bogunovich, and begin drafting your Plan.

You should contact the BSE advisor Emily Bogunovich prior to your meeting to fill out the Planning Document in advance of your meeting.

Schedule an Academic Planning appointment with Emily.

Second-Year Advising Requirement

Once you are officially in the BSE program, we ask that all students fill out the Plan of Study to ensure that they are maximizing their elective options—we have over 90 elective credits in this program!

Review the COE Advising Resource Community on Blackboard Learn for the Plan of Study Template or contact Emily Bogunovich by email.

Students will be required to compose this plan of study sometime within their second year—or sooner, depending on when they enter the BSE program.

Fourth-Year Advising Requirement

As students in the BSE have the option to pursue Senior Design or a Senior Thesis, we ask that students check in with either the Program Director, Dr. Tim Kurzweg, or Program Advisor, Emily Bogunovich, within the 4th year of the program (or JR Year Coursework if you are pursuing the 4-year program instead of the 5-year). The Program Advisor will reach out to you prior to your Junior Year coursework to determine when and who you need to meet with. We encourage you to reach out on your own as well!

Fifth-Year Advising Requirement

During the fifth and final year of this program, students will meet with Program Advisor during the Fall Quarter to ensure a timely graduation. This meeting should occur immediately prior to fall term or within the first week of Fall Quarter to determine, together, if any adjustments need to occur to Fall Quarter schedule.


The BS in Engineering curriculum allows students to pursue up to two minors. BSE students can use the free elective (24 credits) and general education electives (24 credits) towards their minors. Drexel offers several different minors most of them requiring 24 credits.