Bachelor of Science in Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) is a flexible and customizable undergraduate program designed for students who are seeking a broad interdisciplinary education rooted in engineering. The major is structured so students achieve a strong foundation in the basic sciences, math and fundamentals of engineering. Upper level engineering electives can be chosen to fit the individual interests and career objectives of the student.

The BSE program allows students to create their own engineering curriculum path with the assistance of their BSE advisors. The program is flexible enough that students can complete up to two minors in other areas of interest such as environmental studies, finance, entrepreneurship, media arts, pre-law or pre-med.


Traditional undergraduate engineering programs usually require that a student fulfill the program requirements for one engineering discipline such as civil, electrical or mechanical. The BSE allows students the flexibility to take courses from multiple engineering disciplines or from outside the field of engineering.  Increasingly, the problem-solving and analytical thinking skills developed through an engineering education are being applied to non-engineering careers including finance, law, public policy, medicine, business and the arts. 

This program is designed for students who want a strong engineering education but do not plan to work as a professional engineer. Students who want to practice engineering in their career should choose an ABET accredited engineering major. Information about all College of Engineering majors is available in the College of Engineering Course Catalog.

As a BS in Engineering student, you and your BSE advisor will create a customized engineering plan of study. Your plan of study will be built around a foundation of math, science and core engineering courses. Because of the large number of non-engineering electives, you can combine the engineering core with up to two minors in other fields.

As a BSE student, you can select a program length that fits your individual career interests including:

  • 4 year program with 1 co-op work experience
  • 4 year program with no co-op work experience
  • 5 year program with 3 co-op work experiences

See the BSE curriculum.


Emily Bogunovich
BSE Advisor

Emily Bogunovich guides BSE students to create individualized BSE plans of study. All current BSE students are encouraged to meet with the BSE Advisor upon declaring the major.