Offered on campus and online, the Master of Science (MS) in Cybersecurity is a joint interdisciplinary program partnered with the College of Computing & Informatics that prepares students with both the academic and practical training to be competitive in the ever-changing technical landscape of cybersecurity. The program is designed for students with backgrounds in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering or other related technical fields and aims to provide deeply technical and specialized training to develop professionals that are able to understand, adapt, and develop new techniques to confront emerging threats in cybersecurity.

The program consists of core courses designed to build theoretical foundations in computer networking, mathematics, policy, ethics, privacy and legal issues along with electives in specialized technical areas. Electives are selected in consultation with an academic advisor to provide depth in one or more technical areas. In addition, students in this program have a unique opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience by participating in Drexel's well established graduate co-operative education program as well as a unique, program-specific research rotation program that allows students to perform research in two or more university laboratories that focus on contemporary cybersecurity topics.


  • Master's (MS)


  • BS/MS