Work Teams

Revised Thematic Working Groups

Following the Fall 2019 retreat, Work Teams focused on ongoing discussions around thematic areas and points of overlap. With the intention to do a deeper dive, the original teams reorganized into new groups as follows (for additional details, be sure to read the December 2019 Progress Report):

  • Curriculum and pedagogy: Address the ways in which we teach and mentor students and prepare them for the complex societal challenges that will dominate the professional world they will enter.
  • Graduate programs: Explore opportunities for launching new degree programs and rethinking the boundaries of executive and professional education.
  • Research and innovation: Identify collaborative themes, and the actions and incentives required to sustain and continue performance, while ensuring activities align with University objectives.
  • Space and culture: Review the college’s physical infrastructure needs, renovation plans, and use of space to support the overall academic and community experience for faculty, students, and staff.

Findings and proposals were presented to open college-wide focus groups in January 2020 to continue a dialogue with faculty and staff, as well as the standing student committee, gather input on the group proposals, thoughts on prioritizing, and the ways in which we will measure success going forward.

Original Strategic Planning Work Teams

Three work teams will address broad thematic areas, charged as follows:

  • Cultivation of People will assess and offer recommendations for how we will improve the quality of the student and faculty experience; effectively recruit, support, and develop talent among all faculty, staff, and students and for industry; and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do.
  • Distinguishing Value Proposition will identify ways in which we will develop and deliver contemporary programs, curricula, and pedagogy for engineering; reimagine and expand COOP and industry partnerships; and identify and pursue areas of research excellence.
  • Aligned Means and Conditions will assess the big picture items and propose ways we will integrate the organization to execute on vision (structures and processes); improve and leverage physical assets (real estate and facilities); and increase funding (internal and external).

These broad thematic areas will provide a framework for the college as we advance to the next phases of the strategic planning effort.

Work team charges and members include:

Cultivation of People


  • Jason Baxter, CBE, faculty
  • Jeffrey Birou, ECE, staff

Working group members


  • Yaghoob Farnam, CAEE, faculty
  • Grace Hsuan, CAEE, faculty
  • Lunal Khuon, ET, faculty
  • Dan Luig, Tech Operations, staff
  • Jennifer Matthews, UAC, staff
  • Dorilona Rose, Dean’s Office, staff
  • Kathleen Short, CMGT, faculty
  • Matthew Stamm, ECE, faculty
  • Leena Shevade, CAEE, graduate student representative
  • Sanjog Karki, MEM, undergraduate student representative

Distinguishing Value Proposition


  • Jennifer Atchison, MEM, faculty
  • Steven May, MSE, faculty
  • Franco Montalto, CAEE, faculty


  • Leslie Campion, MSE, staff
  • Nicholas Catucci, Tech Operations, staff
  • Haley Dervinis, ECE, staff
  • Bradley Eshleman, Tech Operations, staff
  • Richard Grandrino, EMGT, faculty
  • Vincent Hatton, Tech Operations, staff
  • Sarit Kunz, MSE, staff
  • Ekaterina Pomerantseva, MSE, faculty
  • Maureen Tang, CBE, faculty
  • James Tangorra, MEM, faculty
  • Christopher Weyant, MSE, faculty
  • Mi Thant Soe, MEM, graduate student representative
  • Elvira-Marie Mikhael, CAEE, undergraduate student representative


Aligned Means and Conditions


  • Linda Lee, Dean’s Office, staff
  • Antonios Zavaliangos, MSE/MEM, faculty

Strategic plan working group


  • Charles Cook, CMGT, faculty
  • Eugenia Ellis, CAEE, faculty
  • Kristin Imhoff, Undergraduate Affairs, staff
  • Kenneth Lau, CBE, faculty
  • Bahram Nabet, ECE, faculty
  • Nathan Schweizer, MEM, staff 
  • Rosie Sullivan, UAC, staff
  • Yenneeka West, MSE, staff
  • Asia Sarycheva, graduate student representative
  • Clara Fancher, undergraduate student representative

Standing Student Committee
Based on an outstanding response from the study body to be involved in the strategic planning effort, Dean Walker announced the creation of this committee of undergraduate and graduate students. Their role will be to serve as a first=line resource to the Work Teams when data collection calls from input from the student body. Members include:

  • Karly Soldner, CAEE
  • Asa Lewis, CAEE
  • Tianna Williams, ET
  • Abinishaa Sivaraj, CBE
  • Kerianne Chen, CAEE
  • Sean Kennedy, MEM
  • Quentin Pleier, MEM
  • David Hanna, MEM
  • Evan Smith, MEM
  • Cosmin-Constatin Popescu, MSE
  • Celine Khoo, ECE
Faculty, staff and students learn more about the strategic plan.
Work team members joined Dean Walker for a kickoff event on June 11.