Degrees / Education

  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 1999
  • MChE, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 1996
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1991

Research Areas

Research Interests

Ultrasound triggered drug delivery; Biological Colloids and Membranes; Atherosclerosis and gallstone pathogenesis

Areas of Study

Select Publications

  • Wallace, N.; Wrenn, S. Ultrasound-triggered drug delivery with lioposomal nested microbubbles. Ultrasonics 2015, 63, 31-38.
  • Wallace, N.; Dicker, S.; Lewin, P.; Wrenn, S. Inertial cavitation threshold of nested microbubbles. Ultrasonics 2015, 58, 67-74.
  • Nguyen, A.; Wrenn, S. Acoustically active liposome-nanobubble complexes for enhanced ultrasonic imaging and ultrasound-triggered drug delivery. WIRES Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 2014, 6, 316 – 325.
  • Dicker, S.; Mleczko, M.; Siepmann, M.; Wallace, N.; Sunny, Y.; Bawiec, C.; Schmitz, G.; Lewin, P.; Wrenn, S. Influence of shell composition on the resonance frequency of microbubble contrast agents. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 2013, 39(7), 1292 – 1302.
  • Wrenn, S.; Dicker, S.; Small, E.; Dan, N.; Mleczko, M.; Schmitz, G.; Lewin, P. Bursting bubbles and bilayers. Theranostics 2012, 2(12), 1140 - 1159.