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Pre-recorded Workshops

The Counseling Center offers the following pre-recorded workshops for you to access on your own schedule.

Anxiety Toolbox

Welcome to Anxiety Toolbox, a fast-paced, 3-session seminar intended to help increase your understanding and knowledge about anxiety. The goal is to provide you with some skills to recognize and manage symptoms you may be experiencing, and life-long tools you can use while facing anxiety-triggering situations. Remember, this intervention is not intended to "get rid of" your anxiety. While occasionally unpleasant, some anxiety can actually be a helpful and motivating emotion. Our hope is that these three sessions provide you with a jumping board from which to integrate skills into your daily life in the service of reducing anxiety.

Anxiety Toolbox, Week One

Anxiety Toolbox, Week Two

Anxiety Toolbox, Week Three

COVID-19: Managing Stress for International Students

The COVID-19 pandemic can create a significant amount of stress for college students. Although students from the United States are facing unprecedented issues related to the situation, international students are managing additional stressors which make the ability to cope even more challenging. This video is designed to help international students better understand their stress and how to adapt to manage it more efficiently.

COVID-19: Stress Management for International Students Video

Getting Unstuck: Depression Management

Welcome to Getting Unstuck, a series of videos intended to help increase your understanding and knowledge about depression. The goal is to provide you with some skills to recognize and manage symptoms you may be experiencing. These videos will provide you with life-long tools you can use while facing depressive symptoms. We hope you will find them helpful.

After watching all of these, you will have received a lot of information that at times may feel overwhelming. Remember that like any skill (e.g., learning to ride a bike), the skills you will learn in Getting Unstuck take time and practice to master. At times, you may encounter obstacles and/or find it difficult to integrate these skills into your daily life. That's okay, it's how change works, and as with all change, it's important to practice as much as you can, even after encountering setbacks.

These skills are a form of "mental health hygiene." At the outset, it may seem tedious and you may question why you need to practice these skills so often. Think of it like dental hygiene: you brush your teeth multiple times a day to prevent the buildup of plaque and ultimately to prevent cavities. Similar to brushing your teeth, daily practice can minimize and prevent the symptoms of depression long-term. The more you practice and use these skills as part of your daily routine, the less tedious they may seem because they simply become a regular part of daily life.

Part 1: Defining Depression

Part 2: CBT Model of Depression

Part 3: Activity Monitoring

Part 4: Life Areas, Values, and Activities

Part 5: Pleasant and Mastery Activities

Part 6: Gratitude and Positive Event Journaling

Part 7: Conclusions and Action Plan

BONUS Part 8: Adapting for COVID-19


The following workshop consists of a series of videos designed to help you enhance self-compassion and improve your ability to bounce back from difficult experiences.

Self-Compassion Workshop, Part I

Self-Compassion Exercises, Part II

View these videos after completing part I. You can watch them in any order.

Taking ACTion

The following is a series of workshops called "Taking ACTion," designed to:

  1. Introduce you to mindfulness and acceptance
  2. Help you understand your problems in new ways
  3. Create flexibility in how you deal with these problems, and
  4. Help you start making choices that move you in the direction of living your life more fully.

Completion of this series may provide you with the tools to manage your life differently. Feel free to return to it multiple times, as often as is needed.

Foundations Part I (Psychological Flexibility)

Foundations Part II (Mindfulness)

Optional Mindfulness Exercise



If you are looking for synchronous online workshops offered via Zoom, please see the current list of Wellness Workshops.