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Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

The Cell Imaging Center has a spinning disk confocal microscope and is in PISB #308. ​

Spinning Disk Confocal MicroscopeThis system consists of a fully-automated Olympus IX-83 inverted fluorescence microscope equipped with Yokogawa CSU-10 spinning disk scanner and Hamamatsu EMCCD that allow fast high-resolution imaging. The multi-beam scanning and highly sensitive EMCCD camera on this system enables rapid optical sectioning thus minimizing phototoxicity and bleaching in living cells without sacrificing fluorescence detection, which is critical for long term live cell imaging.  This system is equipped with motorized xy stage movement that allow users to monitor multiple regions of interest automatically during live imaging.  With 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, and 640 nm), users can acquire high resolution multicolor images in 4D.  This system has a precise high-speed laser scan head for photoablation (FRAP, FLIP)and photoactivation analyses. The microscope is also equipped with an OKOLAB environmental chamber to maintain optimal temperature, humidity and CO2 level for live cell imaging. ​

Lights sources​

  • Halogen lamp for bright-field microscopy (white light illumination)​
    • a contrast image of the specimen can be directly observed through the eyepiece. DIC microscopy possible through eyepiece only on 20X and 60X objectives​
  • X-CITE LED lamp for direct visualization of fluorescent specimens through the eyepiece​

Laser lines ​

  • 405 nm for DAPI staining​
  • 488 nm for GFP / FITC / Alexa 488 / Cy2​
  • 561 nm for tdTomato / mCherry / TRITC / Cy3​
  • 635 nm for Alexa 647 / Cy5​


(Magnification / Numerical aperture)​

  • 10x/0.4 Dry (Olympus)​
  • 20x/0.75 Dry (Olympus)​
  • 60x/1.49 Oil (Olympus)​


  • Hamamatsu ImagEM EM-CCD camera C9100-13​
    Hamamatsu digital CMOS camera Orca Flash 4.0 V2​

Acquisition software​

  • VisiView​