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Externally Sponsored Research:  Fund Number Range Expansion and Roll-up Fund Remapping

April 11, 2016

The range of funds being utilized for externally sponsored research has been expanded.  The expansion will provide for clearer identification of the funding source and adds the ability to report on contributory sponsored agreements.  Research Accounting Services has been working closely with Corporate and Foundation Relations to ensure grants from foundations and corporations are not classified as restricted gifts when they should be classified as grants.  The redefined series of funds beginning with 21 through 24 will be designated as contributory sponsored agreements to account for contributory sponsored agreements.  Funds starting with 41 through 44 will be classified as the exchange transaction counterparts to the 21 to 24 series.  The 45 through 48 series will be used to track state, state clinical trials, local and industry sponsored clinical trials.  The 8 series of funds will be used to manage federally funded awards.  The entire hierarchy is available for review on the Comptroller’s Office website.

The newly defined externally sponsored research hierarchy provides five equivalent levels for all externally sponsored research funds in Banner.  The roll-ups for the externally sponsored research funds will now utilize 3, 4 and 5 digits instead of 6 digits to easily visualize what level you are in the hierarchy.  The equal leveling provides for consistent reporting results regardless of where in the hierarchy reports are developed. 

The logic of the externally sponsored research fund numbers has been adjusted to be embedded in the first two digits of the fund number.  The last four digits will be assigned in order of receipt of new grants.  This will simplify the set-up process in Banner for the staff of Research Accounting Services and also allow the community to clearly understand where in the fund hierarchy their new award fits in.

For the Academy of Natural Sciences, new grant numbers using the new schema will be set up with an “S” in the seventh character position.  The fund number assigned will be equal to the first six digits of the grant.  For example, if we establish grant 800001 on Chart S, that grant number will be set-up as 800001S.  The corresponding fund for that grant will be 800001.  For Drexel University, the grant numbers will be six digits as they always have and tied to a six-digit fund number.   Assigning an “S” to the end of a grant number on Chart S allows all numbers in each chart to be sequentially assigned, instead of skipping numbers when assigned in another chart.

Over the past several months, this new hierarchy has been presented to the Research Operations Working Group, DUCoM Administrators, Academic Administrators meeting and at the Associate Deans for Research.  Given the prior communication, the use of the newly assigned numbers should not come as a surprise.

Although RAS is assigning new awards using the new fund number and hierarchy, already established grant and fund numbers will continue utilizing their current grant and fund numbers

By the end of April 2016, all existing funds will be remapped to utilize the new fund roll-ups.  This remapping should be transparent to you, but will provide for more cohesive management reporting.

If you have any questions about the hierarchy, please contact