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2013 CoAS Research Day Winners

April 11, 2013

Student scholars in the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences presented their research at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Research Day on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 in Behrakis Grand Hall. Over 130 students presented on topics ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder and dark matter, to infertility treatment and urban access to healthy foods.

We are pleased to announce the 2013 winners and would also like to congratulate each and every student for their hard work and participation in the 13th annual College of Arts and Sciences Research Day!

Thank you to all of the student researchers who helped make this year a success! A special thanks also goes out to the Research Day judges, committee members, and last year’s winners (John Falcone, Derya Meral, Frank Bruckerl, and Liz Culnan) who presented research talks at the event.

Undergraduate Natural & Physical Sciences - Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Ryan Wasson, Mathematics. “The Normal Defect of Some Classes of Matrices.” Advisor: Dr. Hugo Woerdeman. (Co-Author: Dr. Hugo Woerdeman)

  • 2nd Place: Andrew Zigerelli, Mathematics. “A Computational Application of Subdivision Surfaces to Biophysics.” Advisor: Dr. Thomas P.Y. Yu. (Co-Authors: Jingmin Chen, Sara Grundel, Robert Kusner, Thomas Yu)

  • 3rd Place: Raffaela Marano, Environmental Science. “The Effects of Substrate Type on the Behavior and Movement of Pituophis Melanoleucus, the Northern Pine Snake.” Advisor: Dr. Walter F. Bien. (Co-Authors: Jacquelyn Garcia, Katie D'Amelio, Spencer Roberts, Kevin P. Smith, Walter F. Bien)

Undergraduate Humanities & Social Sciences - Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Jenna Ebbecke, Psychology. “Collegiate Substance Use: Evaluating the Risks through a Developmental Framework.” Advisor: Dr. Naomi Goldstein. (Co-Authors: Sharon Messenheimer Kelley, M.S., Erika Foster, Christy Giallela, Naomi Goldstein)

  • 2nd Place: Anne Sekley, Psychology. “Posttraumatic Growth as a New Perspective in the Aftermath of Sexual Assault.” Advisor: Dr. Pamela Geller. (Co-Author: Pamela Geller)

  • 3rd Place: Ava Skolnik, Psychology. “A Little Compliment Goes A Long Way: The Influence of Compliments on Perception of Character.” Advisor: Dr. Karol Osipowicz. (Co-Authors: Jessica Madej, Julia Wisniweski)

Graduate Natural & Physical Sciences - Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Drew Cronin, Biology. “Looking for Lost Monkeys: Searching for Critically Endangered Red Colobus in a West African River Valley.” Advisor: Dr. Gail Hearn. (Co-Authors: Cirilo Riaco, Gail Hearn)

  • 2nd Place: Anna Jaworski, Environmental Science. “Drowned Forests and Buried Salt Marshes: Reconstructing Local-relative Sea Level Change along the Delaware River Estuary.” Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Lacovara. (Co-Author: Kenneth Lacovara)

  • 3rd Place: Noga Neeman, Environmental Science. “Do Leatherback Turtles Shift their Nesting Seasons as a Response to Changes in Sea Surface Temperature?” Advisor: Dr. Michael P. O'Connor. (Co-Authors: Nathan J. Robinson, Michael P. O’Connor, James R. Spotila, Frank V. Paladino)

Graduate Humanities & Social Sciences - Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place: Andrea G. Segal, Psychology. “Predictors of Attitudes Towards Seeking Medical Care and Psychological Care Among Veterans.” Advisor: Dr. Christine Nezu. (Co-Authors: Christopher E. Diaz, Lauren M. Greenberg, M.S., Christine Maguth Nezu, Ph.D., ABPP, Arthur M. Nezu, Ph.D., ABPP)

  • 2nd Place: Katherine Alvarez, Psychology. “Do Oral Contraceptives Affect Women’s Perception of Facial Anger?” Advisor: Dr. Mary Spiers

  • 3rd Place: Epiphania Osei, Psychology. “Does Time of Puberty in Females Correlate with Performance on Verbal, Spatial and Social Cognitive Measures?” Advisor: Dr. Mary Spiers. (Co-Author: Mary Spiers)

Undergraduate Natural & Physical Sciences - Oral Presentations

  • 1st Place: Robert Wexler, Chemistry. "The Role of Water in Surface Charge Transport on Tin Dioxide as Revealed by the Thermal Dependence of Conductance." Advisor: Dr. Karl Sohlberg.

Undergraduate Humanities & Social Sciences - Oral Presentations

  • 1st Place: Khushbu Patel, Psychology. "Collaborative Autobiographical Writing: An Exploration of the Process." Advisor: Dr. Rachel Wenrick.

Graduate Natural & Physical Sciences - Oral Presentations

  • 1st Place: Patrick McLaughlin, Environmental Science. "A Multi-Species Analysis of Chytridiomycosis Infection and Resistance in West-Central Africa." Advisor: Dr. Gail Hearn. (Co-Author: Rayna Bell)

Graduate Humanities & Social Sciences - Oral Presentations

  • 1st Place: Amanada NeMoyer, Psychology. "What do Courts Require and Which Requirements do Youth Violate?" Advisor: Dr. Naomi Goldstein. (Co-Authors: Ana Prelic, Jenna Ebbecke, Erika Foster, Casey Burkard, Naomi Goldstein)