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2012 CoAS Research Day Winners

April 10, 2012

Research Day 2012Student scholars in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences presented their research at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Research Day on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 in Behrakis Grand Hall. Over 130 students presented on topics ranging from the environmental factors controlling terrapin nesting to effective interrogation strategies for juvenile offenders.

For the first time ever, CoAS Research Day also featured a special round of research talks from the 2011 first place winners in all categories:

Physics alumna Amanda White, 2011 undergraduate sciences winner, presented her research from the American Museum of Natural History, where she analyzes comet samples from NASA’s Stardust mission in order to better understand the three-dimensional distribution of particles in impact tracks.

Mathematics teaching assistant Avinash Dalal, 2011 graduate sciences winner, discussed his work in Drexel’s Department of Mathematics, where he explores the expansion of the product of certain polynomials called k-Schur Functions.

Psychology senior Amiee Hildenbrand, 2011 undergraduate humanities winner, shared her research from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she is currently helping to develop a web-based program that aims to prevent persistent traumatic stress and promote emotional recovery in children after acute medical trauma.

Finally, clinical psychology graduate student Lauren Greenberg, 2011 graduate humanities winner, presented her research on how certain ways of thinking and reacting to stressful life events can influence affectivity in collegiate athletes, which she studied as part of her master’s thesis at Drexel University.

View the research day talks »

The College of Arts and Sciences thanks all students, faculty and staff who participated in this year’s event, and extends a big “congratulations” to the top place winners in all categories! Photos from Research Day are posted on the CoAS Facebook page.

View the full list of presenters and abstracts here. [PDF]

Undergraduate Sciences

1st Place Sarah Michelson
Major: Biological Sciences
Field of Presentation: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Marenda
Co-Author: Siddhita Mhatre
Title: Development and Validation of an Aged Alzheimer's Disease Model in Drosophila melanogaster
2nd Place John Falcone
Major: Biology
Field of Presentation: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Mauricio Reginato
Co-Author: Thomas Lynch
Title: The Role of O-GlcNAc transferase in regulating breast cancer metabolism via modulation of the mTOR/HIF-1 pathway
3rd Place Stefanie Farrell & Allison Tipton
Major: Biology
Field of Presentation: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Harold Avery
Co-Authors: Allison Tipton, Abigail Dominy, Harold Avery
Title: The Importance of Color Contrast to Turtles in Aquatic Environments

Undergraduate Humanities

1st Place Frank Bruckerl
Major: Communication
Field of Presentation: History
Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Seitz
Title: When Black Magic Met Science in the Pennsylvania Province: The Untold Story of Philip Roman and Sons
2nd Place Connor Hackert
Major: History and Politics/BS-JD
Field of Presentation: History, Political Science
Advisor: Dr. Scott Knowles
Title: Examining Equality: Analyzing the Gray Area in Reconstruction-Era Civil Rights Litigation: The Impact of U.S. v. Newcomer on the National and Pennsylvania Civil Rights Movement
3rd Place Tim Lehman
Major: History
Field of Presentation: History
Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Steen
Title: Philadelphia’s Railroad Economy and the Rise of the Pennsylvania Railroad Following the American Civil War

Graduate Sciences

1st Place Derya Meral
Major: Physics
Field of Presentation: Physics
Advisor: Dr. Brigita Urbanc
Title: Early Assembly Events of N-terminally Truncated Forms of Amyloid b-Protein
2nd Place Julianne Winters
Major: Environmental Science
Field of Presentation: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Harold Avery
Co-Authors: Nicole Wood, Walter Bien, James Spotila, Edward Standora, David Rostal, Harold Avery
Title: Between the Bay and a Hard Place: The Stress Response of Nesting Diamondback Terrapins due to Bulkheading in Barnegat Bay, NJ
3rd Place Runcong Liu
Major: Physics
Field of Presentation: Physics
Advisor: Dr. Brigita Urbanc
Title: Investigation of the interaction between CTCF and DNA using AFM imaging

Graduate Humanities

1st Place

Elizabeth Culnan
Major: Psychology
Field of Presentation: Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline D. Kloss
Co-Authors: Stephanie Brooks-Holliday, Brian Daly, Richa Aggarwal, Jacqueline Kloss
Title: Insufficient Sleep and Weight Status in High School Students: Should we be Focusing on the Extremes?

2nd Place Shauna Henley
Major: Biology/CNHP
Field of Presentation: Communication
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Quinlan
Co-Author: Susan Stein
Title: Identifying Food Safety Risks for Minority Racial/Ethnic Consumers’
3rd Place Alison Novak
Major: Culture and Communication
Field of Presentation: Communication
Advisor: Dr. Ernest A. Hakanen
Co-Author: Ernest Hakanen
Title: Mather Work Incentive Posters and the Rhetoric of Scientific Management in the 1920s