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Dr. Amar Nath

Amar Nath, PhD

Emeritus Professor

Selected Publications:

  • Amar Nath, Vladimir Chechersky, K.V. Ramanujachary, Robert Butterick Jr III, Sam Lofland, Steve Preite, “Emission Mössbauer studies of the magnetoresistive compound, La0.7Sr 0.3 MnO3”, Solid State Communications 138, 224 (2006).
  • A. Khasanov, J.He, J.Gaillard, K.Yang, C. M. Cameron, J.M. Schmeltzer, J.G.Stevens, A.P.Rao, and A. Nath,”The Role of  -Iron Nanoparticulates in the growth of Carbon Nanotubes”, Applied Physics Lett. 93, 013103 (2008).
  • Amar Nath, “The Role of Emission Mössbauer Spectroscopy in the Study of Sophisticated Materials”, J. Nucl. Radiochem Sciences, Japan, 11, 1 (2010).
  • R.Podila, W. Queen, A. Nath et al.“ Origin of FM Ordering in Pristine Micro and Nanostructured ZnO”, NANO Letters 10, 1383 (2010).
  • A.Khasanov, S.C. Bhargava, J.G.Stevens, J.Jiang, J.D.Weiss, E.E.Hellstrom and A. Nath, “Mössbauer studies of the superconducting cobalt/nickel-doped BaFe2As2. Whither go the injected electron(s)? J.Phys,: Condens. Matter 23, 202201 (2011).
  • A.Khasanov, J.Jiang, E.E.Hellstrom, and Amar Nath, ”Origin of the dynamics of the spin state in undoped BaFe2As2: Mössbauer Studies” J.Phys.:Condens.Matter 23, 342201 (2011).
  • Amar Nath “A Physical Approach to Monitoring the Toxicity of Nanomaterials and its Remediation”, Chapter7, pp175-188 in ”New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Catalysis by Nanoparticles”  Edit. S. Suib. Elsevier (2013).