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Karen Kabnick , Ph.D.

Karen Kabnick, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
Department of Biology
Office: PISB 221 B
Phone: 215.895.6695


  • ScB, Brown University
  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Curriculum Vitae:

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Research Interests:

I have developed a laboratory-based research course for undergraduates who are interested in an authentic research experience. I have initiated undergraduate research projects that study cellular, metabolic and developmental functions in Dictyostelium discoideum. Dictyostelium displays a unique life cycle comprised of unicellular amoeba that aggregate and develop into multicellular structures that harbor environment-stable spores under adverse conditions. These undergraduate research projects progress from term to term so students are welcome to continue in subsequent terms to further progress their projects or switch to other ongoing projects.

My goal is to introduce students to authentic laboratory research with the intent to encourage independent thinking and problem solving that can be applied in any context. I hope to study what key STEM skills students can learn by performing independent, but supervised and guided research projects. I hope they will gain confidence in knowing they will learn from their mistakes, become expert at time management and organization of efforts, learn to solve problems, and develop essential critical thinking skills.

Selected Publications:

  • Moy, MK and Kabnick, KS. Developing a Tiered Mentoring Model for Teaching Assistants Instructing Course-Based Research Experiences. Journal of College Science Teaching. In the press.
  • Simon J Read, Andrew A Parsons, David C Harrison, Karen Philpott, Karen Kabnick, Shawn O'Brien, Steven Clark, Mary Brawner, Stewart Bates, Israel Gloger, Jeffrey J Legos and Frank C Barone. 2001. Stroke Genomics: Approaches to Identify, Validate, and Understand Ischemic Stroke Gene Expression. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism. 21, 755-778.
  • Kabnick KS and Peattie DA. 1991. Giardia: A Missing Link Between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. American Scientist. 79. 34-43.
  • Kabnick KS and Peattie DA. 1990. In situ Analyses Reveal that the Two Nuclei of Giardia lamblia are Equivalent. Jour. of Cell Sci. 95. 353-360.
  • Kabnick KS and Housman DE. 1988. Determinants That Contribute to Cytoplasmic Stability of Human c-fos and ß-Globin mRNAs Are Located at Several Sites in Each mRNA. Molec. and Cell. Biol. 8. 3244-3250.
  • Fain JN, Kabnick KS and Li S-Y. 1981. Effects of Mellitin on Adipocyte Metabolism Unrelated to Lysophospholipid Accumulation. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 677. 274-279.

Courses Taught

  • BIO100/107 - Applied Cells, Genetics & Physiology
  • BIO108 - Cells, Genetics & Physiology Lab
  • BIO116 - How Your Body Works--Or Not
  • BIO122 - Cells and Genetics
  • BIO141 - Essential Biology
  • BIO212 - Biotechnology
  • BIO223 - Parasitology
  • BIO244 - Genetics I
  • BIO218 - Principles of Molecular Biology
  • BIO229 - Dictyostelium Research
  • BIO480-061 - Exploring Parasites Laboratory
  • UNIV 101 Fall
  • UNIV 101 Winter