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Science, Technology & Society Alumni

Dorian Adams, '15

Master's Project: Reproduction, Kinship and Technology
Current Position: Department Administrator, Department of Sociology and Center for Science, Technology & Society Departments, Drexel University. Steering Committee for the Drexel University LGBTQA Student Center

Maia An, '14

Master's Project: The Framework for the Medical Technology Management in the Kyrgyz Republic
Current Position: Senior Financial Analyst at PREIT

Antonis James Asprakis, '12

Master's Thesis: The Inconvenient Truth in Boundary Negotiations and Public Participation in the Production of Scientific and Technological Knowledge
Current Position: Director of Operations, Office of Faculty Advancement, Drexel University


Current Position: Project Manager, Associate Dean of Research, College of Nursing and Health Professions, Drexel University.


Current Position: Research Coordinator, Carevive Systems, Philadelphia, PA

Agyeman Siriboe Boateng, '06

Master's Thesis: Viceroys of Difference: Minority Engineering Programs in the Mid-Atlantic
Current Position: Research Analyst, West Los Angeles College

Jennifer Britton, '06

Master's Thesis: Improvising the Suburban Landscape: Building Public Space at Greengate Mall
Current Position: Associate Director, Office of University and Community Partnerships, Drexel University

Dennis J. Callahan, '06

Master's Thesis: The Intersection of Science and Race: Personnel Testing in the Bell System in the late 1960s and early 1970s
Current Position: Associate Registrar, Academic Services, Drexel University


Master’s Thesis: The Nature of Names: Japanese Vernacular Nomenclature in Natural Science
Current Position: Collection Manager, Malacology, Academy of Natural Sciences


Master’s Thesis: It's Not Worth Fixin’: The Enactment of Capacity and Deservingness in a Kensington Repair Shop
Current Position: Carone is pursuing a PhD in sociology at University of California, Davis


Current Position: Border Patrol Agent, United States Border Patrol


Master’s Project: We can’t design for people we don’t understand': The Politics of Producing Virtual Space
Current Position: Kendall Darfler is pursuing a PhD in anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. She is also the project director for UCLA’s evaluation of the California State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis.

Aminata Diallo, '15

Master's Thesis: Evaluating the Assessment of the UNISDR Disaster Risk Reduction Framework: Past, Present, and Future
Current Position: After graduating Diallo pursued a Master of Science in Social Policy at University of Pennsylvania. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Red Cross House

Jennifer Dolci-Guerrero, '07

Master's Thesis: The Science of Compassion: Philanthropy and Medicine in Hospitals
Current Position: Director of the Annual Fund at Thomas Edison State University

Bill Drust, '15

Master's Thesis: Embodied Care, Spatiality and the Ethics of Robotic Surgery
Current Position: Drust began a research assistantship at Loyola University Chicago in Fall '16, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology

Jonathan Shoup Forrester, '17


Master's Project: The Social and Political Dimensions of Gene Editing
Current Position: George is currently pursuing a PhD in Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina State University.

Justin Gero, '10

Master’s Thesis: The Philadelphia AIDS Epidemic Public Health and Policy in an American Community, 1981 to 1996
Current Position: Communications Coordinator, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Sarah Amanda Gregg, '09

Master's Thesis: Environmental Consciousness and Climate Change a Multi-faceted Solution for a Multi-Faceted Problem
Current Position: Underwriter, Professional Lines at Pennock Insurance

Michael Jeffers, '14

Master's Project:  Military Uses of Human Enhancements
Current Position: Currently pursuing a PhD in the History and Sociology of Technology and Science at Georgia Tech

Mel Jeske, '15

Master's Thesis: Beyond BMI: Conceptualizing Health in the "Obesity Epidemic"
Current Position: Jeske is currently a PhD student in the University of California at San Francisco Sociology program

Joseph Kirigwajjo, '12

Master's Project: The Extension of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Urban to Rural Settings: ICT in Masaka Court System [1962-2011]
Current Position: System Administrator-Security, Back-up, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Judiciary of Uganda

Max Kramer, '12

Master's Project: In Apollo’s Wake: A Look at the Changing Nature of the United States Space Program in the Post-Apollo era
Current Position: Assistant Project Manager at Building Inspection Service, Inc.

Matthew Lesser, '15

Master's Project: Scrapyard Ethnography
Current Position: Program Support Specialist for the Research and Health Professional Programs at the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation.

Steven Losco, '15

Master's Project: Smartphone Hookups: HIV, Pollution and Risk
Current Position: Losco returned to and is working in Northern California. He plans to enroll in an anthropology program on the West Coast to study the medical and digital anthropology of HIV

Philip Gregory Louridas, '05

Master's Thesis: Super Service: A History of Automobile Repair Franchising Since 1956
Current Position: Manager, Compensation, Williams-Sonoma

Donna M. Loyle, '05

Master's Thesis: Building the ARPANET: How IPTO Gathered a Research Community and the Drivers that Shaped Its Mission
Current Position: Editorial Assistant, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research


Current Position: Ludwig was awarded a Congress-Bundestag Young Professional Exchange (CBYX) Fellowship to study German and work in Germany in 2017-18.

Michael J. Lynch, '08

Master's Thesis: CivilWorld: An Automated Instrument of Social Engineering
Current Position: Manager, Client Services at Viewics, Inc.

Sean Fitzgerald McCallum, '07

Master's Thesis: From Gun to Briefcase: The Rise of the Private Military Firm 1990-2007
Current Position: Lead Video Tech, Reynard Productions Ltd.

Zen D.H. McManus, '07

Master's Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Hurricane Disasters in 1965 and 2005 in New Orleans
Current Position: Consultant, Distributed Solutions, Inc.

Karen Frances Miller, '10

Master's Thesis: Impact of Historical Preservation on the Free Library of Philadelphia: Its Neighborhoods and Communities
Current Position: Fulbright to study in Turkey


Current Position: Research Technician 4, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Maureen Muncy, '14

Master's Project: Science, Technology & Society and Education Reform
Current Position: Biological Critical Reagents Scientist, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Steve O'Connor, '13

Master's Thesis: Access to Healthy Food in Philadelphia Neighborhoods: How Corner Stores Impact Food Choices
Current Position: Co-founder, Philadelphia Adult League Softball

Diana Michelle Owens, '06

Master's Thesis: Costa Rican Sovereignty and Development in the Shadow of the Central American — Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA): Strategic Adoptions of Technology in a Globalizing Economy
Current Position: Director of Education and Safety, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia


Current Position: Project Coordinator, The Healthcare Improvement Foundation

Laura Oxenfeld, '14

Master's Project: Capital Dynamics and Innovation in Makerspaces
Current Position: User Experience Researcher at Allstate in Charlotte, NC

Derek Parrott, ‘16

Master’s Project: Energy Eventually? Big Science, Commercialization, and the Anomalous Case of Justificatory Policy Discourse Around Fusion Energy Research in the U.S.
Current Position: Parrott is currently pursuing a PhD in Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University

Lyric Prince, '15

Master's Project: Philosophy of Technology-Frankfort School
Current Position: Prince is a working artist who is based in Philadelphia

Hined Rafeh, ‘16

Current Position: Rafeh is currently pursuing a PhD in Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Brittany Salen, '15

Master’s Project: Civic Engagement and Digital Storytelling
Current Position: Salen is the Chair of the South Wilmington Planning Network, South Wilmington, Delaware, and is the founder of the nonprofit organization Environmental Justice Initiative (EJI). EJI’s overall mission is to build healthy neighborhoods along the Delaware River.

Simone Schlichting-Artur, '02

Master’s Thesis: Immunization: The Culture of Preventative Care
After earning the master’s degree, Schlichting went on to earn an EdD in Educational Leadership at University of Pennsylvania in 2009. Schlichting-Artur’s dissertation is titled 'Learning to Listen: Pursuing Leadership Strategies for Achieving Multiculturalism in Educational Administrative Work Environments'.
Current Position: Senior Assistant Dean of Global Initiatives, Drexel University College of Arts & Sciences

Sanya S. Sharma, '06

Master's Thesis: Women's Needs, Women's Actions: Toilet Development in Urban and Rural Communities of India
Current Position: Director at Wharton Executive Education, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Aimee St. Clair, '06

Master's Thesis: Digital Inclusion: Using Technology to Build and Unify Urban Communities
Current Position: Program Manager, Urban Technology Project at Communities in Schools of Philadelphia, Inc.

Katharine A. Travaline, '08

Master's Thesis: Urban Agriculture: Enhancing Food Democracy in Philadelphia
After earning her master's degree, Travaline went on to earn a PhD in Environmental Policy at Drexel University in 2012. Travaline's dissertation is titled "We Cannot Do It Alone:" An Interpretive Policy Analysis of Urban Stormwater Governance.

Sonia Chhibber Williams, '08

Master's Thesis: Bodies in Pain: An Examination of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Current Position: Development Coordinator for Events and Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine