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Master of Science in Psychology Curriculum

The following course sequence is provided to aid MS Psychology students in curriculum planning. Although substitutions or changes in the sequence can be made with the approval of the faculty mentor, program director, and corresponding course instructor, the following sequence is designed to have core courses provided at the optimal point in the student’s educational process while encouraging an individualized course of study. Listed below are the corresponding numbers and names of courses taken while progressing through the program. Each course is worth three credits. This course sequence is subject to change depending on the availability of courses.

Year 1

Fall Term
PSY 512 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 610 Data Analysis I

Winter Term
PSY 510 Research Methods I
PSY 611 Data Analysis II
PSY 865 Independent Study

Spring Term
PSY 511 Research Methods II
PSY 711 Data Analysis III
PSY 865 Independent Study or Elective

Year 2

Fall Term
PSY 898 MS Thesis Research I (Section 002)

Winter Term*
PSY 624 Behavior Analysis
PSY 898 MS Thesis Research II (Section 002)

Spring Term*
PSY 898 MS Thesis Research III (Section NB2)

Only two courses are required for Winter and Spring Terms 2nd year, but always remember to check with your student aid for any potential issues*.

Elective Courses

There are a number of electives available to students in the MS program. Electives should be selected in consultation with the student’s mentor/adviser in accordance with their individual curriculum needs and areas of research. A number of electives are available to all MS students; these are listed as “Unrestricted Electives.” Additional elective courses are available only with the approval of their adviser, the instructor and program director; these courses are listed as “Restricted Electives.”

In order to request permission to register for a course listed under “Restricted Electives,” the student must email the course instructor, the MS director, and the MS academic coordinator with a statement explaining the student’s qualifications to take the course (e.g., any required pre-requisites) and why the course is important to the student’s curriculum. The course instructor ultimately reserves the right to determine whether or not a student will be permitted to take the class as well as how many students from the program will be permitted in the class for a given term. This same procedure applies to requests to enroll in courses outside of the Department of Psychology. When considering a course in another department, the student should contact the course instructor first to request permission to take the class. Above all, students are encouraged to pursue their interests and if a student is interested in such a course, he or she should check with the course’s instructor, his or her mentor and the MS director.

Below are the lists of unrestricted and restricted electives currently available. Please note that some elective courses may not be available in a given year, therefore students should check the availability of courses when planning their curriculum for upcoming terms. It is also important to note that not all courses are offered annually; some may be available every other year, while others may not be available in a given year due to a faculty member leaving the university or participating in a sabbatical. Most importantly, our department may have special courses taught by professors from other departments or universities that will only be available for a single term. Keep in mind these special courses when scheduling your electives.

Unrestricted Elective Courses

  • PSY 518 Social Psychology
  • PSY 520 Psychopathology (MS Section Only)
  • PSY 524 Professional Issues and Ethics
  • PSY 616 Motivation & Emotion
  • PSY 650 Child Psychopathology & Treatment
  • PSY 711 Data Analysis III: Advanced Topics (Section 002)
  • PSY 712 History & Systems
  • PSY 720 Health Psychology
  • PSY 822 Pediatric Psychology
  • PSY 827 Behavioral Stress Management
  • PSY 830 Advanced Topics in Health Psychology
  • PSY 854 Psychology of Rehabilitation

Restricted Elective Courses

Students enrolled in the PhD Psychology Program have until week 10 of the prior term to register for PhD courses. After this period, MS students are able to register for available seats. To register, interested students should:

  1. first seek approval from their mentor with a written rationale about why the course is important to their plan of study and how it relates to their area of interest
  2. email the course instructor, CCing the student's mentor with the rationale attached, asking for permission to join the course
  3. If the instructor approves the student's request, the entire email history with the response should be forwarded to Damaris Oquendo (, who will then seek approval from the program director to register the student

The courses below are a partial list of elective courses that MS students have taken in the past with the necessary approvals. However, students are encouraged to seek approval for any courses that are appropriate and relevant to their individual curriculum, including courses in other departments.

  • PSY 515 Clinical Case Conceptualization
  • PSY 516 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 522 Psychological and Intellectual Assessment
  • PSY 530 Neuroanatomy and Behavior
  • PSY 542 Neuropsychological Assessment
  • PSY 550 Multicultural Perspectives
  • PSY 620 Personality Assessment
  • PSY 630 Biological Basis of Behavior and Treatment
  • PSY 642 Neuropsychological Case Analysis and Integration
  • PSY 648 Forensic Assessment I
  • PSY 722 Theories of Intervention
  • PSY 746 Neuropsychological Evaluation and Intervention of Children & Adolescents
  • PSY 812 Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSY 820 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • PSY 822 Pediatric Psychology
  • PSY 828 Weight & Eating Disorders
  • PSY 865 Multilevel Regression