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Women's & Gender Studies Program

The Women's and Gender Studies program provides students with tools for understanding, coping with, and potentially gender norms, both locally and globally.  Women’s and Gender Studies courses engage students in provocative discussions and the conscious interrogation and practice of equality. Through a mix of courses, events, academic gatherings and speakers’ series, the Women’s and Gender Studies program makes gender central to understanding larger societal issues and creates an academic culture at Drexel that is engaging and inclusive.

The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies complements any area of academic study. Women’s and Gender Studies courses can deepen a student’s comprehension of social, political and economic questions; explain the production of knowledge in fields as diverse as literature, engineering and media studies; and investigate the ways in which assumptions about sex and gender influence how we think about and solve problems in business, law and medicine.

About the Minor in Women's & Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies minor gives students a broad, interdisciplinary and global understanding of how gender intersects with race, age, class, sexual orientation, and other identities that shape human consciousness and experience. The WGST minor equips women, men and people who are gender variant with tools for making sense of societal structures within which they must operate as students, professionals and citizens. Through comparative study of gender across cultures, both within the United States and globally, students who minor in WGST gain a critical lens on the complexities of gender as it is constructed and understood in diverse contexts. Through WGST courses, students develop skills to be attuned to how gender impacts all aspects of human interaction, from the family, to the workplace, to the voting booth.

As an academic program, Women’s and Gender Studies provides a sharp focus on assumptions about the way the world can and does work. It offers a conceptual framework to analyze experiences of inequality or discrimination, and asks individuals to become active, engaged, thoughtful participants in their learning and in their lives. Women’s and Gender Studies prioritizes learning that helps students understand their "real life" experiences, at the same time that it asks students to reflect on and ask difficult, provocative and meaningful questions about those experiences.

Women’s and Gender Studies works with many programs and departments at Drexel to emphasize how sex and sexuality intersect with other identities, as well as history, culture and geography to produce different beliefs, experiences and practices in peoples’ lives and in larger social structures.

Because businesses working across many industries, including those in the nonprofit sector, are increasingly sensitive to issues such as gender discrimination, sexual harassment, equal pay for comparable work, support for LGBTQ-identified employees, parental leave, and day care, students with a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies gain a definite edge over other applicants for managerial and policy-making positions.

Learn more about the minor in women's and gender studies in the Course Catalog

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