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Student Advisory Board

Fostering Connection and Community

Drexel University's College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Board

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a community of motivated undergraduate students who serve as liaisons between the student body and the College administration. Representing all majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, SAB members share their Drexel experiences with prospective students, assist with marketing and communication efforts, advocate for student interests and provide valuable feedback on College initiatives.

Connect with us

Current and prospective students are encouraged to reach out to the SAB members below — ask questions or share feedback by emailing any member directly.

Join the SAB

Current members may stay on the board through graduation, but spots periodically open up. Contact Tom Durso, director of Marketing and Communications for the College of Arts and Sciences, for more information about the SAB or to be advised when there is a vacancy on the board.

Meet Your Board Members, 2021-2022

Drexel Student Kayla Alford Kayla Alford,
BA Communication ’24


My top cause? I really care about access to quality education. College does not just provide you with information to be successful in a specific field. It also allows you to expand your worldview and connect with people or communities you might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

Meet Kayla

Drexel Student Sylvie Cherry Sylvie Cherry,
BA Philosophy, Politics, and Economics ’22


My top cause? I am an ardent women’s rights advocate, and I am particularly passionate about combatting gender-based violence. Whether on an individual or systemic level, we all must challenge the normalization of gender-based violence and discrimination.

Meet Sylvie

Photo Unavailable Icon Jamie Clifford,
BA History ’22


My top cause? History is (and should be!) political. In my future career, my goal is to use history to promote social justice — whether that’s through curating museum exhibitions, writing articles, or teaching.

Meet Jamie

Photo Unavailable Icon Bryan Coppinger,
BS/MS Chemistry ’22


My top cause? Would definitely be climate change/ecological conservation. I’ve taken classes and done research on environmental chemistry, and there’s still so much work that needs to be done to make things like drug and plastic production more environmentally friendly. If we want to have a world for our kids to enjoy, then we need to work on being more sustainable in every way we can, and I want to contribute to that as a researcher.

Meet Bryan

Drexel Student Kshitij Kayasth Kshitij Kayastha,
BS Mathematics ’22


My top cause? The pandemic made us distant from people we grew accustomed to being with in our day to day lives. I’d like to help find meaningful ways for students to reconnect with their peers, professors, and mentors.

Meet Kshitij

Drexel Student Soukayna Mardas Soukayna Mardas,
BS Physics ’23


My top cause? I am very interested in tax reform, since its effects can be spread across a variety of fields. I think a lack of knowledge of tax law, paired with the high consequences of making mistakes is often very scary and a clearer and more equitable Tax Code is necessary.

Meet Soukayna

Drexel Student Uswa Mutaal Uswa Mutaal,
BS Political Science ’23


My top cause? I’m really passionate about gender equality, women’s rights in the workplace, reproductive liberties, political representation and related issues.

Meet Uswa

Photo Unavailable Icon Haneen Mutan,
BA Sociology ’24


My top cause? I ultimately want to be an educator. My favorite movie is Freedom Writers and I believe a teacher is an educator, so part of the reason I want to be a teacher is to help create an impact.

Meet Haneen

Photo Unavailable Icon Sanjana Oak,
BS Psychology ’24


My top cause? I’m passionate about inclusion and diversity, especially in social media, television, and film. I think accurate representation of diverse groups of people is important, can affect people’s sense of self —self-esteem, ethnic pride, etc.— and the way people develop.

Meet Sanjana

Drexel Student Shruti Patel Shruti Patel,
BS Biological Sciences ’22


My top cause? Some causes I am passionate about include women’s rights, mental health, and food insecurity. Through my undergraduate experience, I have tried to learn more about these causes and do my part by volunteering off campus or by organizing events on campus.

Meet Shruti

Drexel Student Carlie Relyea Carlie Relyea,
BS Biology ’23


My top cause? Something I’m extremely passionate about is voter engagement and rights. Last year, a large portion of my work on the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) was about getting students out to vote!

Meet Carlie

Photo Unavailable Icon Mia Rheineck,
BA English, Global Studies ’25


My top cause? Something I really care about is young women being able to see themselves in positions of power regardless of their chosen field. It is so important to have someone to look up to who can show what is possible.

Meet Mia

Drexel Student Zachary Smith Zachary Smith,
BS Environmental Science ’22


My top cause? I am incredibly passionate about environmental conservation/justice and I serve as the president of the Drexel Sierra Club. As we develop land, many people and ecosystems are put at risk. I’d like to help others and nature through the work I do to ensure a just world for all to live in with access to open spaces for all.

Meet Zachary

Drexel Student Jade Umstead Jade Umstead,
BS Criminology and Justice Studies ’23


My top cause? I really enjoy expressing social commentary through film, but I also like finding crime patterns through the digital landscape. My dream jobs would be documentary filmmaker or digital forensics expert.

Meet Jade

Drexel Student Abigail Young Abigail Young,
BA Global Studies ’21


My top cause? Would probably be reproductive justice and ensuring that people have full access to the reproductive healthcare they need and want.

Meet Abigail

Past Members

The Drexel University College of Arts and Sciences is grateful for the stellar contributions made by past members of the Student Advisory Board and for their collective legacy of excellence. Thank you!

Class of 2020 and 2021