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Program Class of 2017


Julie Knerr
Julie Knerr“For me, the MULFP is a unique opportunity to enrich my core curriculum and gain the leadership skills I need to be successful in my field. Macy classes, thus far, have been unlike anything else I've taken at Drexel. I've already learned so much about who I am as a person and a careerist and where my hopes for the future lie. Additionally, the mentoring program has provided me with someone who I can look to for guidance and advice, and that has made all the difference as I continue my journey towards graduation. It will truly be an honor to be certified in the Macy Program at the end of this spring, and I know the techniques and skills developed over the course of this year will be priceless in the future.”



Suvekcha Bhattachan
Suvekcha Bhattachan"Being a part of MULFP has given me the opportunity to be in class with individuals from different fields of health care and learn from diverse perspectives. This program has helped me develop multiple skills in order to not only become an authentic leader but also grow as an individual. Also, having the guidance of my mentor to help me achieve my personal and professional goals has truly been a unique and wonderful opportunity!"




Korah Lovelace
Korah Lovelace“The Macy program is so successful because it is consistent. We have 3 hours every Monday that we know will be spent on career planning, leadership training, and lectures that will contribute to our personal development. The fact that we get to stay together for three terms really builds a relationship and community of students you may have otherwise never in countered. I have really grown to love this group of students and we often show up to class early just to talk and catch up with each other.

This is one of my favorite parts of the Macys program because not often do you have a room full of students a half an hour before a 3-hour class all talking and engaging with each other. Macy is very important to me because it has allowed me to build a foundation of support and assistance in my personal leadership journey. One of the biggest revelations that I had while working on my goals with my mentor, Sister Rashidah Kabeer, is that I love working with children and women. We speak a lot about my past jobs and volunteering experience. Once I reflected on the work that made me genuinely happy, I realized it was pediatrics. Without my conversations and time to reflect with Sister Rashidah, I don’t think I would have realized that so soon. This is important to me because it shapes where I should be applying for jobs and what I should explore academically post-graduation.”

Marcel Witmer
“A very attractive thing about the Macy program is the ability to network with mentors, different professionals who have presented in class and our professors and peers. My mentor and I have primarily worked on goal setting. We’ve also talked extensively about my graduate school plans and which field is best for me to pursue, but we looked at areas in which I felt weak or wanted to further develop and then set SMART goals to address those areas.

I was surprised how much I dislike working in teams! This has been a great wake-up call for me —teamwork is so essential to the growth of a leader. I would have much preferred to work on my own to knock out a project, but this class has forced me to work with others and it has been such a good learning experience. This is one of the things that makes this program so successful. While the mentoring is critical in helping develop leadership skills, team dynamics is crucial since, all of our lives, we’ll be working in teams.  If we try to be loners and do things our own way, we’re most likely going to struggle being successful.”

Stacy Walker
Stacy Walker "Everyone needs someone outside of family, a mentor, who they feel they can connect with or talk to about making choices and finding themselves. The Macy program provided that person for me. My mentor is Fatima Thompson — she is a very sophisticated, intelligent, dedicated, honest and sincere person. In the beginning, my expectation was that she would give me guidance in life choices, an honest ear willing to listen and give truthful advice. I also believed she would be someone with whom I could potentially grow to have a great relationship. She has shown me she is there for me no matter what and always willing to help as we work on everything from school work to personal choices I’m making regarding my career and home life to just making sure we are ok when we are not in contact.

Participating in the Macy program means that you’re already a leader who just needs some grooming. I knew we would be conversations about familiar topics, but I felt like my perspective was unique and I could hear the perspectives of others. It also means that you are willing to take constructive criticism and hear feedback and make better choices for your future."



Megan Leahy
"Dr. Waite has implemented a program that grows and expands each year, challenging students academically, professionally, emotionally, and socially. Having been involved with the program since its inception, I have seen the lasting impact it has on the lives of not only the students, but the mentors as well.
As a guest lecturer on emotional intelligence and leadership, I have also had the opportunity to work with all of the students inside the classroom and witness their level of commitment and active involvement in the learning process. Overall the experience provides both joy and motivation for my own work. I look forward to seeing what the future will bring for the program at Drexel!"

Fred DiCostanzo
"I believe that leadership craft is learned through observing and interacting with role models. The Macy Program provides an important opportunity for me to connect on a personal level with an emerging leader, and to pass on some of what I have learned about the “art” of leadership from my own mentors, and to (hopefully) be a positive influence in the life, practice, and career of a future leader. I think the program is successful because it provides students with the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with someone who is invested in their success, and who is willing to take the time to address issues that are significant to the student.

Any undergraduate student who will be a sophomore, pre-junior, junior, or senior September 2017 within the College of Nursing and Health Professions or enrolled as an undergraduate major in Public Health are encouraged to apply to the program.

Fatima Thompson
“Participating in the Macy Mentor program has been an honor. I am happy to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences, both professional and personal and am proud to be able to give back to nursing students. I understand the importance of having a role model and someone to be able to talk to about professional/educational/personal matters and is culturally competent. Understanding the background of the mentee assists in development of strategies to maximize any and all potential.

Since I was new to the mentor program, I decided to ask my mentee about her background, her academic progress and where she most felt she needed guidance or advice. It seemed like work-life balance and good communication skills are very important particularly for working mothers. I usually meet with my mentee, face to face, every 2 weeks, whenever possible, but at least once a month. During each meeting I have my mentee perform a quick self-assessment, asking her what the current status is and what she needs to improve or meet any stated objectives.

The Macy program most likely has been successful in its ability to recruit a diverse pool of mentors.  Recognizing the knowledge and skills of those from varied professional backgrounds and matching them with students who can benefit from this knowledge without a doubt contributes to the success of the program.”