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You Thought You Knew Pepe Barcega

June 9, 2014

Jose Barcega Headshot“All of these I answered with ease and candor. With me, what you see is what you get.”

Name: Jose E. Barcega

Nickname: Pepe

Position: Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of Clinical Education, Physician Assistant Department

Alma Mater: Drexel University (Master of Health Science); Hahnemann University (Physician Assistant)

Courses I teach: Clinical Skills I and II, Ethics in PA Practice; facilitator in various small groups in courses such as Clinical Assessment, Ethics, PA Practice, Biopsychosocial Issues in Patient Care (BIPC); lecture in courses such as Clinical Medicine, Clinical Skills, and BIPC

Areas of Interest (professional): Primary care, pediatrics, geriatric medicine, surgery

Areas of Interest (personal): Art, music, film, horticulture, orchid culture, languages, computer sciences, human development, human behavior

What I like about Drexel students: Very motivated, ambitious, proud to be Drexel students

Favorite place to eat on campus: JazzMan’s at the New College Building, the Hahnemann University Hospital cafeteria, the Chinese cart on 15th and Race Streets, and Rex Pizza on Race Street

I can’t live without: I can live with whatever I have, as long as I know how to love, appreciate, and have fun with anything I find interesting and true

Favorite part of my job: Interacting with many individuals (students, faculty, staff, clinical educators, alumni, etc.) from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, with original ideas. Building real and honest relationships with individuals I interact with

My favorite thing about Philly: Philly itself, the Philly art museum and all other museums, and where I live. I am very proud of my community. My neighbors treat me like family

My favorite course to teach is: Clinical Assessment and Clinical Skills courses because these courses are some of the cornerstones of becoming a health care provider

The best advice I have for students: Work hard, stay focused on your goals, and be honest with your work. If you need assistance, be humble enough to ask for help early on. Learn from mistakes, take pride in whatever you have accomplished, keep growing as a person and as a professional, and enjoy life no matter what. Respect yourself and others, and challenging as it may be, strive for honesty. Don’t delude yourself.

If I could trade lives with another person for the day: This doesn’t apply to me. I am very appreciative of how I lived my life and where I am. My life is NOT perfect and neither am I—but who wants perfection? The real and memorable fun parts are in all the mistakes I made and learned from

My best stress relievers: Singing, walking, and gardening (even in my office). I really believe in “laughter and a healthy sense of humor as the best medicine.” It does wonders for our psyche, attitude, and eventually our behavior

My greatest achievement so far at Drexel: 10 years in my role as Director of Clinical Education (2003-2013); completion of my MHS degree while working full-time as a faculty member for the past 17 years; and of course, all the relationships I held close to me while at this job

One thing that always cheers me up: Just simply waking up and getting up in the morning, sunrise, sunset, clear evening skies when I can see a lot of stars, spring rain, random acts of kindness, originality, unexpected and spontaneous honest responses, children’s innocence, and an unexpected phone call from a long lost friend

Three words I would use to describe my department: My department is FUN, my Program Chair and Director is WONDERFUL!

When no one is around, I: Just keep working, and at the end of the day I go home knowing I’ve done what I can for the day. I go home and play with my cat, fix dinner, read, watch a DVD, say thanks, and go to sleep, ready for the next day.