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People of Purpose

Something that distinguishes the people of the College of Nursing and Health Professions is that we are all people of purpose.

We are full of drive and ambition. We have a passion for our work and each day, we bring a sense of excitement and possibility and energy that is infectious. It lifts all of us, pushing us to make a difference in the lives of the people and community around us.

Purpose is important. Not only for the College, but more universally—as all of us strive to make meaning and create good lives in confusing and chaotic times.

CHNP faculty, student, alumni, staff and community partners have all chosen lives that are and will continue to be motivated by an innate desire to heal, a responsibility to serve and an obligation to advocate for those whose voices are not heard.

We wanted to find a way to lift up that sense of purpose, that sense of service and caring, and make it more visible. The result is this Nurturing Purpose exhibit and a College-wide commitment to promote the stories of our people and their unique work.

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Ken Korber

Ken Korber and Paul Possenti

To this day, looking at what I got to and where my career took me, becoming a PA is the best decision I’ve made. I would never change it. – Paul Possenti

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Sheetal Bahirat and Zuri Masud seated on a stool.

Sheetal Bahirat and Zuri Masud

We’re trying very hard to build business practices that we believe in and that are equitable and fair.

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Laura Baehr, PT, DPT gazing out of a window


Dance is a vehicle for freedom of expression and an opportunity to be totally aligned in my mind and body while doing hard things.

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Veronica Carey, PhD seated in office surrounded by artwork.


Equity is the ability to participate while you're here, not just being present.

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Philabundance Chief Impact Officer, Melanie J. Cataldi


I get the right people on the bus and get all the obstacles out of their way.

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Lisa Chiarello, PhD seated in office


To me, it's through the process of mentoring others and disseminating knowledge, I believe, that I can have a broader and more sustainable impact to foster inclusive environments.

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Members of CNHP IT team working on a laptop computer.


We are here to take away the roadblocks that are preventing someone from accomplishing what they want.

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Pennsylvania State Senate, Maria Collett, administering the Covid vaccine.


There is always a path in advocacy.

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Nurse holding a medical swab and a testing tube

COVID-19 Testing Team

We need to approach things with humility, to be able to say I was wrong.

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Case investigator speaking with a Covid patient.

COVID-19 Case Investigation Team

Awareness and education are critical to the social determinates of health.

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Healthcare working standing in front of a diagram network of individuals that may have been in contact with a Covid patient.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team

What is common among healthcare providers around the world, is that they want to care for patients, to improve life for people.

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Nurse applying bandage to a patient after administering the Covid vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccination Team

We have chosen these lives for ourselves [to be healthcare providers], and not being able to do anything to help for a while was very hard.

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Nyree Daradarian


I look at students as game changers. They will make a difference in the health of our community.

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Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, CHE, CRC, working in a kitchen with Drexel University Food and Hospitality Management students.


We talk a lot about what goes into our bodies—mindful eating—and the potentiality of ingredients—mindful cooking.

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Margaret Finley, PT, PhD


I love the research that I do. I love the people I meet through my research, both other researchers and study participants. I get a lot from it, so it’s easy to give to it.

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Noel Goodstadt, PT, speaking from a podium


I push my residents and my students to think not only about the person in front of them, but the society they’re helping.

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Jerry Haffey


We’re losing our greatest resource – our young adults – and it’s so sad. So let’s help them.

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Drexel alumna Holly Hagy, BSN '15, a school nurse and a nurse at Socorro General Hospital.


I want to teach the students, who will become teachers themselves.

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Jeremiah Ham


My purpose in life, as broad as it may seem, is really to help people. I have been passionate about that since I was a little boy.

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Rani Hanna, PA-C and Sara Jamil, PA-C

Sara and Rani

When you see people living with no power, no electricity, no nothing, the smallest things mean the world to them.

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Jasmine Jones


I lead with my heart. That's why I got into nursing.

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Garija Kamal


Art has always been like a safety valve for me. Even in the most difficult of days, I feel like if I have my supplies and I can paint, I can get through the day.

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Nary Kith, cofounder of KITHS – Kiths Integrated and Targeted Human Services, a Philadelphia based non-profit agency


Helping one individual can create a generational change.

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Hanna Lee at sewing machine with two cats and a dog


While there's no way to know everything about every culture, we hope to bring understanding and greater sensitivity to cultural differences.

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Katrina Lewis


I’m doing this because I wouldn’t be as successful or as passionate about any other career. I feel like it is who I am.

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Judy Liberatoscioli


There is a huge need. I would like to close some of the gaps that have perpetuated suffering.

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Ming Yuan Low, MA, MT-BC


I strongly believe in the values of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion—in health, in the arts and all aspects of life.

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Amarah Malik


Iʼm doing this because I want to promote optimal healthcare delivery wherever I go and make that my mark.

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Lorena Marshall-Blake


I’m a person who wants to make a difference, no matter where I am.

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Kimberly McClellan, EdD, wearing medical scrubs and Covid mask


When a community trusts us enough to share their needs and concerns, it is our responsibility and privilege to bring their voices to the world, create change and enact justice.

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Cameron McConkey


I believe in the power of living authentically and unapologetically.

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Susan McGinley


I’ve always mentored and helped others to fulfill their possibilities. That’s what gives me the most joy.

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Randy McGonigal


I became a nurse because itʼs who I am and who Iʼve always wanted to be.

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Lynette Medley, founder of No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit, Inc.


We saw a deficit, and we took real action to address it.

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Gwen Moriarty, BSN and graduate of CNHP’s accelerated career entry BSN program.


Having proper access to certain services and making sure you can go to people that speak your language is so important.

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Danielle Moyer


I've learned that I can't fix everything, but I can fix something. I can help the person in front of me.

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Shell Myers, Administrative Coordinator for the Art & Art History Department, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design and a candidate for a master's in Family Therapy in Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions.


By doing the work that I wish had been done for me, I have become a changemaker.

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Sharrona Pearl, PhD wearing a Covid mask.


I have privilege, white skin, my training and others, so there is an obligation to become involved and help shape the spaces I inhabit.

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Marcia Penn


I believe that it is important to attach yourself to something that is bigger or larger than self.

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Arun Ramakrishnan, Director of Research Labs, standing in front of a green screen and holding virtual reality googles.


The ability to go into different worlds is exciting and can be used in so many different applications, including teaching and clinical practice.

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Michele Rattigan, MA, ATR-BC, NCC, LPC, holding a self-portrait.


I recognize that my charge is to help white colleagues to unpack whiteness in a space designed just for that.

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Conor Riordan


I want to be there for my patients in all aspects, showing empathy, compassion and consideration.

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Legacy Healthcare Services CEO and Drexel University alumnus, Jeff Ryan.


I believe, when you’re in a leadership position, it’s our responsibility to give others the resources to make their and others’ lives better.

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Genesis Sanchez


The aspects of nursing that appeal to me the most are advocacy and patient education—helping a person to understand their diagnosis and how to live with it with a good quality of life.

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Charles Stream


Itʼs a great reward to have the opportunity to educate future physician assistants to serve underserved communities.

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Helen L. Teng, PhD, RN


It’s important for us to be critical of situations we are in, not to criticize, but to evaluate what we are doing.

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Rosemary Trout, DHSc, MS, BS


Food is about nutrition and health, but it’s also about quality of life. Food is comfort, food is enjoyment, food is community.

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Roberta Waite


I do what I do because it energizes me. I am passionate about it. I like to see intentional work that can make and create a positive impact on our society.

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Lena Ward, PA-C, co-founder of the Physician Assistant Minority Alliance (PAMA).


I see what some have and what others don’t. I want to at least decrease this gap.

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Ebony White, PhD, is a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor, and the program director of the Master in Addictions Counseling program at the College of Nursing and Health Professions


I have a strong identity as an activist.

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Mx. K.C. Wuebbling, LPC, ATR-BC, CAADC, a 2016 graduate of the master’s in Art Therapy and Counseling progam.


We as humans have this ability to self-reflect, regenerate and create something completely new out of nothing.

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