Drexel University Ione Nelson Endowed Scholarship for New MSI Library and Information Science Students

The Ione Nelson Endowed Scholarship and The College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University are offering merit-based financial support to approximately 25 new candidates who enroll in the Master’s of Science in Information (MSI) with a major in Library and Information Science (LIS) for Fall term, 2021. This scholarship will enable candidates to complete their degree, full time, part time, online or face-to-face, while also giving them the ALA-accredited degree credentials they need for career growth, by providing partial funding over their first two consecutive terms.

Scholarship Detail

New Students

  • Through the generosity of Ione Nelson Scholarship Fund, up to 25 scholarships will be awarded to new students, once in their first Fall term and again in their Winter term, ($3,000 each term) over 1 year (approx. 6 credits total.)
  • Students are responsible for any additional costs associated with applying (i.e., requesting transcripts) and attendance (i.e., remaining tuition, books, software, PC, travel). Note that students who choose the full-time, face-to-face program will be required to demonstrate health insurance coverage or enroll in the University health insurance program.
  • Students who need Federal Aid to cover other costs of attendance may want to consider Federal Aid, and must be enrolled for 4.5 credits (2 classes a term part time) to be aid eligible. Please review information about submitting an application for FAFSA on Drexel's "How to File the Free Application for FAFSA" webpage.
  • Applicants must meet eligibility requirements of a completed Bachelor’s degree or above, minimum GPA, and recommendation for acceptance to the MSI (see “How to Apply” below).
  • MSI applicants must apply to the Ione Nelson scholarship through a separate form (see “How to Apply” below).
  • Applicants may apply to study full time, part time, online or on campus for Fall 2021 (September start.) Applicants should apply to the program which most reflects their desired mode-of-study (i.e., apply to the online program if you intend to pursue mostly online study). Scholarship awards do not reflect any preference towards a particular mode of study.
  • Scholarship awardees must show commitment to issues of equity and inclusion, resilience, perseverance, and have a good demonstrated work ethic.
  • A Drexel CCI Committee will award the scholarships and communicate the acceptances and denials to all scholarship applicants.
  • Only accepted MSI students will be considered finalists for this scholarship. Scholarship awards are not automatic for applicants, and scholarships are limited to 25 total, for use by scholarship finalists starting their degree in the Fall term, beginning Monday September 20, 2021.
  • The scholarship selections will begin August 23rd, 2021.
  • Scholarship students are subject to the same degree completion and academic standing rules of all graduate students.
  • Eligibility questions should be directed to CCI Recruiting at: cciinfo@drexel.edu
  • Combining scholarship with other incentives: A student's total financial aid package cannot exceed the University's cost of attendance. Awards that make-up a financial aid package include grants, scholarships, loans, work-study, and scholarships from private organizations. Drexel reserves the right to adjust financial aid awards and packages at any time to ensure compliance with all institutional, state, and federal regulations.
    • Partner discounts (25%): combinable with Ione Nelson Scholarship
    • Dean’s Fellowship: not combinable with Ione Nelson Scholarship
    • Free Library of Philadelphia Scholarship: not combinable with Ione Nelson Scholarship

How to Apply to the Ione Nelson Endowed Scholarship Fund

New Students

The following steps should be simultaneously completed to apply to both the MS in Information program and Free Library of Philadelphia Scholarship.

  1. Submit an online application form for graduate MS Information – Library and Information Science major
    a.) Please first review the MSI program description and MSI admissions requirements to familiarize yourself with the MSI degree.
    b.) Then visit our Apply website to complete and submit your MSI application and note your assigned Drexel ID number.
  2. Once you have submitted your online MSI application form, you may apply for the Scholarship via this online form. You will need your Drexel ID number to complete the scholarship application, given to you after you submit your online application form in 1.b. above. 
    a.) Be sure to follow the scholarship selection timeline as a guide in completing your MSI application, as the general deadline for MSI acceptance is different than the timeline for scholarship selections.
  3. Drexel Acceptance and Confirmation: Accepted MSI students who are awarded the Ione Nelson Scholarship should both formally accept their scholarship and Confirm their enrollment in the Discover Drexel portal at the same time.
  4. Orientation and Advising: Help will be offered to new MSI students once registration opens for their starting term. CCI Academic Advising will contact you before your term begins. Newly-accepted students should follow the Accepted Graduate Student checklist