"I have been at Drexel since..."

faith and kerry

“I have been at Drexel since 2011, when it was the iSchool. I came from a mostly non-profit background, save for a couple of years where I worked in the private sector assisting healthcare consulting executives. After I graduated high school, actually since I was a little kid, I knew I wanted to work in journalism in some regard, or even graphic designI always had a feeling that a creative profession is where I am supposed to be. I started out studying journalism in college, then working for my school’s newsmagazine. My first job was at a TV network and that is where I got my first taste of marketing and PR and all the different types of things you can do in the creative story-telling universe. I tried freelance writing for a while, writing for tourism or literally anywhere I could get a writing job, just trying to build my portfolio. Through that, and working with a mentor who was an investigative reporter, I decided that journalism was not for me, but I still felt this need to work in the creative field. I did get a degree in French literature, which has nothing to do with anything I do now. But I think the common vein, however, since I started out in communications, has been this love of language and connecting with other people; that is something that is very well enabled working for CCI and the communications team. Bringing stories to life, bringing research to life, bringing things to life that may be hard for an everyday, non-tech savvy person to understand, but through images and graphic design, videos, and websites, there’s all these ways that we can tell the story of the impact our students and faculty are making. That is the part I get really passionate about. I also love seeing how people interact with information—working on our website and seeing how people are accessing that information. Our team has unique and complementary skillsets, and we’re a pretty small team, but we pull off a lot.”


“I studied psychology and art during my undergrad and moved into communications when I went to grad school, but I never pictured myself working for an organization that was so focused on computer science and technology. I really love this job because I get to do a lot of creative work and I get to interact with students which, to me, the combination of being able to design and produce videos and work on storytelling in really dynamic cool interesting ways, and being able to invest in students, seeing them grow from when they came as freshmen. You see them nervous at the first career networking event they go to, to the time they are in their junior or senior year seeing them be really confident and how much they have developed their skills. That’s a really rewarding thing for me. I think that our team is awesome; we are from really different backgroundsour boss has a theatre background which is pretty unusual for someone working for a computer science program. And I think we do a really good job of collaborating. I feel like I have a lot of creative freedom because I get to try out quirky ideas for some of the event graphics. Our boss lets us do things that are a little funky and it’s really fun to stretch my creative muscles doing my day job.”


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