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Independent Study Form [pdf]
Purpose: Students must submit the form in order to request an Independent Study course within CCI. Independent Study Forms must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the beginning of any term.

Request for Prerequisite Waiver
Purpose: Students requesting a pre-requisite waiver for an INFO or CS course. The electronic submission should be sent to the student's Academic Advisor for review by the Associate Dean. Justifications for requesting a prerequisite waiver must reflect adequate work or course experience. See online form for details.

Incomplete Grade Contract [pdf]
Purpose: Students requesting a grade of incomplete from a CCI professor for current coursework. An incomplete is assigned at the discretion of an individual professor. While University policy allows no more than one full academic year for a student to finish an incomplete course, professors may set specific deadlines and conditions for course completion. Students must request an incomplete from their individual instructor. Official approval for the incomplete and the associated conditions should be outlined on the Incomplete Grade Contract. A copy of the completed contract will be kept on file in the student services department.

Request for Transfer of Undergraduate Credit Form [pdf]
Purpose: Students requesting transfer credits from an institution other than Drexel. The electronic submission should be sent to the student's Academic Advisor. Supporting materials are required and can be attached to the electronic submission or sent separately. For classes not yet taken at another institution, students should contact their Academic Advisor for course equivalent information prior to enrolling in classes they are seeking to transfer credit to Drexel. Transfer credit requests are reviewed by an Academic Advisor.

University Forms

All forms can be found on the Drexel Central website:

Application for Readmission
Purpose: Students seeking readmission after being academically dismissed, returning from medical leave, or returning from inactive status. Please visit Drexel’s Undergraduate Readmission Page to read Drexel University's readmission policy and initiate associated process.

Course Withdrawal Form
Purpose: Students needing to withdraw from a course from Week 3 until Week 7 of the term. The course instructor's signature is required on the undergraduate level prior to obtaining written approval from the student's Academic Advisor. Tuition and refund information is available on the Drexel Central website. Students should contact Drexel Central to discuss any financial aid implications.

Adding a Minor
Purpose: Students applying to add a minor to their academic plan. Student must complete the form and first obtain the signature of their current (major) Academic Advisor and then the Academic Advisor within the department of their requested minor.

Change of Curriculum and Status
Purpose: Students looking to change their major, program of study, status, concentration or co-op cycle. Students need to complete and sign the form, then obtain signatures from their new and current Academic Advisors, co-op advisor, ISSS Office (if applicable), Financial Aid, and Billing. Note - making any of the above changes to a student record may have billing implications.

Applying for Graduation (Instructions)
Purpose: Students within one term of graduation need to apply for their degree through DrexelOne.

Senior Privilege
Purpose:  Senior Privilege affords a one-time opportunity for graduating seniors to take an additional final exam to make-up a failing grade in a course required for graduation. The Senior Privilege does not exempt students from attending class and/or taking final exams in courses for which they are enrolled during the last term of their senior year. Restrictions do apply and Academic Advisor approval is required.

Commencement Walk Thru Form
Purpose: Full time students who are within 20 credits of graduation and part time students within two terms or 12 credits of graduation can apply to participate in the Commencement ceremony prior to their degree completion. Walk Thru Forms are to be submitted to a student's Academic Advisor for review and approval.

BS/MS Program Application [pdf]
Purpose: For students seeking admission into the BS/MS program. Students must meet the minimum criteria stated on the form. A detailed Plan of Study that has been approved by the student's Academic Advisor must also accompany the application. Students need to submit their entire application to the Associate Dean (BS/MS Academic Advisor) for approval.

FERPA Form (Authorization to Release Records)
Purpose: FERPA Form allows the University authorization to discuss information from a student's education record with someone other than the student, such as a parent. The University is not permitted to release any student information without a signed FERPA Form (subject to exceptions provided under FERPA regulations). FERPA forms are to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.

Transcript Request Form
Purpose: To request an official transcript from the University. Current students and alumni with access to DrexelOne can request an Official Transcript through their DrexelOne account. For instructions, please visit the Drexel Central Transcripts webpage.

Unofficial Transcript (Grade Reports)
Purpose: Current students can view and print unofficial grade reports via their DrexelOne account. Instructions are provided in link above.

Adding a Class while on Co-op
Purpose: Students seeking to enroll in a course while on co-op. Students are permitted to take one class (up to 4 credits) per term while on co-op at no additional charge. Students need to obtain approval from their co-op coordinator first and then their Academic Advisor. The student's Academic Advisor will add the class based on availability the Monday prior to the beginning of the term.

Credit/No Credit Option
Purpose: Students looking to add or delete a no credit/ credit option for a particular course. Students may select a no credit option for a class not specifically required by a student's program of study. No more than 6 courses may be selected as a no credit option in any undergraduate program. Other restrictions do apply and Academic Advisor approval is required.

Credit by Exam
Purpose: Students seeking credit by exam for a course approved by both the academic department offering the course and the student's academic department. Fees and other restrictions apply. Academic Advisor approval is also required.

Veterans Benefits Certification Request
Purpose: For students in the US Military that qualify for Veterans Benefits. Veterans Benefits Certifications Forms are to be submitted to Drexel Central.

Name Change Form
Purpose: Current students who need to change their name on their student record must submit the Name Change Form to Drexel Central. Other legal documentation may be required.

Address Change
Purpose: Students who need to make a change to their mailing address can do so directly though their DrexelOne account. (Note: a student's permanent address cannot be modified.)

Leave of Absence
Purpose: Current students who need to take time off and not enroll in classes for any reason. Leave of Absence forms are to be submitted to a student's Academic Advisor for approval. A Readmission form is required when a student wishes to return to the program. Please visit Drexel Central's website to read Drexel University's readmission policy.

University Withdrawal Form
Purpose: Students who wish to withdraw from Drexel University. Once withdrawn, a student would need to reapply by completing a readmission form. Please visit Drexel Central's website to read Drexel University's readmission policy.