Institute For Healthcare Informatics (IHI)

The Institute for Healthcare Informatics (IHI) is a collaborative effort comprised of four schools at Drexel University: the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), the College of Nursing and Health Professions (CNHP,) the Dornsife School of Public Health (DSPH) and the College of Medicine (DUCoM). The interdisciplinary nature of our institute draws together researchers, educators and professionals from all healthcare sectors. Here we all have one common goal: understanding and implementing changes required to make healthcare more effective, efficient and economical for everyone, especially those in vulnerable populations.

Based in CCI, IHI focuses on the intersections between people, information and technology. This approach allows the Institute to put its best ideas to practice in the community. Our measure of success is how well health data, information and knowledge are incorporated into people’s lives so that it is accessible to practitioners and patients alike.

These collaborative activities occur in three spheres of the Institute—research, education and practice—with interdisciplinary collaboration to effect change within the community.


Addressing issues in a field that requires both IT and healthcare expertise, the IHI comprises a unique collaboration of educators, researchers and professionals from all healthcare sectors, information technology, and the information sciences, distinguishing this program from others of its kind.

Health Information Technology has become an increasingly important component in the world of medicine, affecting such areas as management of quality of care, preventative care, dissemination of information to the public and distribution of information both among and within medical organizations. Research from the IHI covers all facets of health, the impact of technology on public health programs and health initiatives that affect society as a whole.

Through renowned research and community-based activity, the IHI’s goal is to improve the health of our region, state and nation by assisting in the provision of better healthcare, by lowering medical error, and by improving our understanding of the underlying meanings of the information we extract from a spectrum of data that spans from genome to population to electronic medical records.


  • Master of Science in Health Informatics: Focusing on the systems of informatics and psycho-social aspects of the healthcare field, this program prepares health professionals to exercise leadership in an increasingly patient-centered and data-driven environment. Our graduates leave Drexel with an understanding of both information systems and healthcare delivery.
  • Certificate in Healthcare InformaticsThis three-course (9 credits), comprehensive certificate program is designed for information professionals, clinical personnel and healthcare support personnel who want to increase their knowledge of health information technology and management of the complex social and organizational issues surrounding this major change in healthcare.