Drexel Applied AI Studio

Photo of AI Scrum Team meeting at Drexel CCI


Launched in 2019, the Drexel Applied AI Studio created a global artificial intelligence center of excellence for a Fortune 500 company. The program produced 100 graduate-level AI professionals, recognition from renowned industry analysts, open-source AI releases, healthy eating apps, delivery drone software, and smart crowds that socially distance themselves on trains.

Today, Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) is expanding this first-of-its-kind model to offer a flexible, scalable solution for companies in all stages of AI deployment. For companies in the early stage, the program develops talent from existing employees. For companies experienced with AI deployment, the program produces leaders capable of driving widespread adoption. For companies experienced with AI, the program helps build sustainable systems to support talent retention.

The Drexel Applied AI Studio will operate under the leadership of Jerry Overton, CEO of appliedAIstudio. The former global lead for DXC's Applied Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence and DXC fellow, Overton was instrumental in shaping and implementing the Drexel Applied AI Studio and successfully integrating the first cohort into the corporate setting.

The Drexel Applied AI Studio’s innovative, integrated solution:

  • Talent development
  • Launch and implementation of personalized AI solutions
  • Transition of talent, technology, and best practices into your operations

Why Partner with the Drexel Applied AI Studio?

  • Proven experience: We have successfully built and implemented a flexible, scalable model
  • Cost effective: Build and retain top AI talent at less than a third of what most companies currently invest per employee
  • Customized solution: Drexel provides trained AI experts who understand your business needs, functional teams to drive AI innovation, retention of your AI workforce, and you own all IP for products and data produced during the program

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