Quantum Games

QuantumGames, founded in 2019 by Drexel alumnus AJ Schmalz (MS Engineering Management & Civil Engineering ‘05), is an early stage Esports and gaming video content startup. Short for “electronic sports,” Esports transforms online gaming into a spectator sport. The Esports industry, while still nascent, is projected to experience explosive growth in both viewership and monetization opportunities over the next 5 years. By partnering with the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) Quantum Games is poised to give students the opportunity to get involved with an up-and-coming and non-traditional industry.

As a startup in its early stages, QuantumGames does not yet have any available co-op positions for Drexel students but Schmalz hopes to see that change that in the near future. The company is currently identifying and analyzing critical roles before beginning to build its pool of talent.

“By partnering with CCI, we are hoping to give students the opportunity to get involved with an up-and-coming and non-traditional industry,” said Schmalz. “As we grow, there will be opportunities to join our team in various roles with the ability to be a strong contributor adding creativity and input to make us a leader and innovator in this industry.”

The Esports industry offers plenty of opportunity for creative exploration and implementation of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain. Students with a combination of technological skills, business acumen, and intellectual curiosity will be well suited to fill future talent gaps at QuantumGames.

When asked to describe the culture of the company, Schmalz described QuantumGames as “performance driven, achievement oriented [and] customer focused.” The company has implemented an engineering model to help keep the focus on areas of innovation, sales and marketing, enhancement, and cost.

“As the founder, I communicate and live the company's vision to ensure our team is enthusiastic about their work, takes positive action to further the organization's reputation and interests, and has a positive attitude towards the organization and its values,” said Schmalz.

To learn more about QuantumGames, visit quantumgames.io.