Philly Codefest Event Recordings

Watch the recordings of our virtual Philly Codefest events to learn more about this year's theme, discover tips and advice for working with mentors, and learn about what the Codefest experience is like. 

Addressing Environmental Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our way of life – from how we travel, how we study, and how we conduct business. As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of this global pandemic, how can we adapt our work to ensure that we meet Philadelphia’s sustainability and climate goals? In this session, presented by Clinton Global Initiative University, Call for Code, and Philly Codefest, panelists discuss innovations that have been developed during the time of COVID-19 that reflect our new reality and challenges and continue to advance progress on the region’s environmental sustainability goals.

The featured speakers include:

  • Akshay Kamath, CEO & Co-Founder of Nutrivide

  • Esther Chernak, Associate Clinical Professor, Director of the Center for Public Health Readiness and Communication, Drexel University

  • Randi Stipes, Chief Marketing Officer of IBM Watson Media and Weather; Developer Marketing 

The Hidden Costs of Going Digital

In this workshop, Dell Boomi representative Eric Fennell discusses some of the hidden costs of going digital, from power consumption for data processing to proliferation of physical waste due to the increased use and replacement of electronics.

Fennell also presents a few breadcrumbs to some of the thought leaders in these areas to motivate ideas for projects that might include:

  • Educational initiatives that help understand the "invisible" cost of going digital

  • Tools to help companies optimize digital costs and handle digital information in an ethical and sustainable manner

  • Improving accessibility of programs that help manage electronics waste As more and more companies and individuals depend on digital tools for day-to-day life, we'd like to see a project that surfaces the hidden costs of these tools and helps all consumers consider their usage in the context of long-term sustainability.

Getting Help From Philly Codefest Mentors 

In this workshop, Jerry Overton (DXC Fellow and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence, DXC Technology) talks about his experience as a Philly Codefest mentor and gives tips on how to get help from Codefest mentors.

First Year Challenge Panel 

Codefest is a great opportunity for first-year students to get involved with the College and interact with their peers. For the first time, Philly Codefest is offering a challenge to teams comprised of 50% or more first-year students. 

During this session, you'll hear from Palash Pandey (BS Data Science, '22) and Charlie Chiccarine (BS Computer Science, '22) who competed during their first year as students in 2018 and took home the Google Best User Interface Prize. Learn about their experience participating in Codefest as first-year students and get their advice for creating a winning hack. 

How to Present Your Project

During this presentation, you will hear from CCI Teaching Professor Jeff Salvage as he provides tips and tricks to make your final presentation stand out.