Philly Codefest 2020 Sponsor Guide

Philly Codefest is going virtual for the first time in 2020! CCI is committed to helping Sponsors and Corporate Partners navigate Philly Codefest to support your experience and help you achieve your goals. Below you will find detailed information including the Codefest schedule and the various platforms and their purposes as well as company FAQs. Just as we did when Codefest was a 36-hour in-person event, the virtual Philly Codefest will incorporate Sponsors and Partners into the various activities throughout the 8-week online experience.

Philly Codefest Event Schedule

  • September 23 – Codefest kickoff/launch with Presenting Sponsor American Water
  • Week of September 28 – Teambuilding workshop
  • September 24 to Oct. 9 – Introductory Codefest workshops (What is Codefest, How to Win); Sponsors are invited to record videos/host workshops regarding their challenge(s)
  • October 9 – Deadline for team formation
  • Month of October – Additional Codefest workshops with Sponsors & CCI Corporate Partners
  • November 22 – Last day for project submission
  • November 23 through December 9 - Judging
  • Thursday, December 10 – Codefest winners announced

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company participate?

If you are a Sponsor and/or CCI Corporate Partner we invite you to participate in the Codefest festivities by offering a workshop; sponsoring a challenge; or providing volunteers to mentor teams and/or judge projects.

My company is not a Codefest Sponsor or a Corporate Partner. How can we get involved?

Please contact Kate Duncan ( or Brian Frankowski ( for more information about how your company can get involved in Codefest 2020, or to learn about Codefest 2021 sponsorship opportunities.

What kind of workshop can we present?

All Codefest sponsors are invited to present a 30-minute workshop during Codefest. The workshop content is up to you; if you are sponsoring a challenge we recommend a workshop that provides participants with more information and an opportunity to ask questions about the challenge. In past years popular workshop topics have included: resume writing, artificial intelligence, and what makes a successful pitch. Sponsor workshops will be offered as a live virtual workshop unless otherwise indicated by the sponsor. CCI Corporate Partners will also have the opportunity to pre-record a 15-minute “About us” session facilitated by a CCI student. All workshops and sessions will be recorded by CCI on either Zoom or Teams, and will be available on-demand on the Codefest website and CCI YouTube channel. Please contact Kate Duncan ( or Dave Raiken ( to schedule your workshop(s).

How do we sponsor a Codefest challenge?

Companies offering a Codefest challenge need to submit the language to CCI no later than September 23, 2020. Sponsors are responsible for:

  • defining the challenge and prize(s)
  • indicating qualifications and criteria
  • judging* and deciding on winning team(s)
  • providing the prize to winners**

For help with defining your challenge, please reach out to Dave Raiken at
*Challenge sponsors are asked to provide their own judges.
**CCI is not responsible for distributing prizes to winners.

What kind of visibility do I get as a Sponsor?

Drexel CCI’s communications team will promote your company/organization and any workshops through social media (spotlight posts), student newsletters, and via the Codefest website. We encourage our sponsors to also use their social media channels to share their participation in Philly Codefest; download our Codefest 2020 Sponsor Media Kit (includes graphics, logos, etc.) at

Where do Codefest participants live?

CCI is not limiting participation in Codefest to any specific country or geographic region. Sponsors who are providing Codefest challenges/prizes may want to consider defining eligibility criteria if the Sponsor’s ability to award prizes is limited to a country or geographic region.

How can employees from my company volunteer at Codefest?

Codefest invites employees of sponsoring companies, Corporate Partners, and Drexel alumni to volunteer as mentors and on the judging panel*. There are an unlimited number of mentors who can participate; judging has limited capacity and is by invitation-only.
*The Codefest judging panel is separate from the judges that sponsors provide for their challenges.

What does it entail to be a mentor?

Participants will request a mentor, indicating their area of interest or project area, via an online form. The Codefest team will triage these requests to match teams with specific mentors. Mentors can interact with teams and answer their questions about their project development via Zoom, Slack, etc. throughout the 8-week period.

Can my company’s employees participate in Codefest?

Yes, Codefest is open to all students and professionals over the age of 18.

How do project submissions and judging take place?

Once participants have registered on the PhillyCodefest 2020 Devpost site, they will be able to create a project and form their team. Throughout the duration of the event, participants may continue to update their project submissions through Devpost. Once final projects have been submitted via Devpost on Nov. 20, judges will convene virtually to discuss and evaluate final project submissions and submit their final choices in Devpost.

How can my company promote jobs and connect with participants?

  • Resume Database: Participants will be encouraged to submit their resumes upon registration. All resume submissions as well as additional details provided by the participants will be made available to sponsors.
  • Workshops: Sponsors are invited to host workshops providing overviews of the company/organization, its culture and the types of positions available. Contact Kate Duncan ( or Dave Raiken ( to schedule your workshop(s).
  • Newsletter: Sponsors are invited to send any job listing links to Kerry Boland at for inclusion in Drexel CCI’s weekly student newsletter (sent to all active undergraduate and graduate students).

Codefest At a Glance

  Eventbrite  Codefest Website  Devpost  Slack  Zoom/Microsoft Teams  Resume database 
Link Sponsor will be provided link to their channel CCI will provide registration/access links for each event Contact Joe Adair at for access
Audience  All participants, mentors, sponsors, judges All participants, mentors, sponsors, judges All participants, mentors, sponsors, judges All participants, mentors, sponsors, judges All participants, mentors, sponsors, judges Participants submit resumes; Sponsors will have access to review
Purpose Gather emails and resumes for registrants Sponsor logos & Codefest-related content/videos Team formation, teamwork, and project submissions Main communication channel for all participants Platforms used for virtual workshops & meetups Allow sponsors to search/review resumes from job seekers

2020 Theme: Environmental Sustainability

Codefest 2020 will focus on generating real world tech innovations to support environmental sustainability efforts in the greater Philadelphia region. Sustainability isn’t just an environmental issue, but it’s also a human issue that affects everyone. As climate change makes Philadelphia hotter and wetter, and sea level rise threatens our waterfronts and low-lying communities, Mayor Jim Kenney and the City of Philadelphia have committed to reducing citywide carbon pollution by 80 percent and achieving a 100 percent carbon-free electricity grid by 2050. In its eighth year, Codefest aims to bring together students and professionals from all backgrounds to develop novel, creative solutions to support the region’s sustainability and climate goals and help make our region a safer, healthier place to be for generations to come.

Suggested Challenge Topics:

  • Water
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Transportation
  • Waste
  • Energy