David Nana Dwomoh Sarpong

David Nana

Major: Software Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Battersea, London

Favorite Course: Computing & Informatics Design (CI 103)

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: Race Hall's Learning Terrace and Urban Eatery 

When you are in Philadelphia you should: Eat at the Halal Food trucks. Any of them on campus will do, in my opinion. Spend your savings on these food trucks. I have not done this, so it would be nice of you to tell me what food trucks are good and which ones are not.

Bio: Hello, my name is David Nana Dwomoh Sarpong. I'm a jovial and diligent young man born in London, raised in Ghana, and currently living in Philadelphia as a Drexel student where I study computer software engineering. I enjoy watching anime. I am constantly listening to music. I am always up for a bit of banter at the right time. I love football(soccer), and I am into graphic design as well as anything remotely artistic in my eyes. The things I value most include: hospitality, my family, humility, benevolence, and joy. I am also a Christian, which means I aim to emulate Jesus Christ the best I can. I am honestly looking forward to meeting more people and helping anyway I can as well as learning a lot from these new people.