Uday Jain

Uday Jain

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Major: BS Computer Science 

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: New Delhi, India

I chose this major because... computer science gives me an avenue to apply my problem-solving skills. It provides a platform for me to bring my ideas to life.

Favorite Course(s): CS 172, MATH 200

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities: Reading and Exercising

Co-ops I've done:

  • None yet

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: The new CCI building

When I'm not at Drexel, I'm... back in India (home) or on vacation somewhere else.

When you are in Philadelphia, I think you should... Go for a walk in old city and definitely see the liberty bell.

Advice to new/incoming CCI students: College is new experience for everyone, and it is easy to get overwhelmed because everything is new. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. CCI has a stringent curriculum and it’s important that you don’t miss any classes. It’s easy to fall extremely behind in very little time due to the quarter system. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

What is your dream job? I don’t have a dream job, but I would love to work in the field of data science and analysis. My dream career path would be to an entrepreneur in the computing sector.

Favorite Animated Character: Jerry from Tom and Jerry


I was born in New Delhi, India. I am studying at Drexel University as an International Student. I am currently a sophomore studying computer science. I am interested in pursuing the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tracks. I am exploring automating things with python. I enjoy reading high fantasy and self-help books. I love going to the gym!