Gurleen Singh

Gurleen Singh

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Major: BS Computer Science, plus a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year: Pre-Junior 

Hometown: Upper Darby, PA

I chose this major because…: I love to build things. There’s something incredibly thrilling about the prospect of building something that millions can use and benefit from.

Favorite course(s): CS 283 Systems Programming with Dr. Stuart – I learned a lot about writing good C as well as the fundamentals of operating systems.

Clubs/Extracurriculars: Drexel Blockchain, All-College Choir

Co-ops I’ve done: For 2020, I was a Software Engineering Intern at Linode, the world’s largest independent cloud provider, working on their core API service.

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: The Baiada Incubator at the Close School of Entrepreneurship. I spent a lot of time working in this space.

When I’m not at Drexel, I’m…: exploring every part of the city.

When you are in Philadelphia, I think you should…: See Philly sports live. There’s nothing like our sports culture anywhere else in this country.

Advice to new/incoming CCI students: Ask a lot of questions! You’ve come here to learn and you should be taking advantage of the opportunity to be surrounded by a community of intelligent and insightful individuals. 

What is your dream job? Working as a software engineer somewhere at the intersection of distributed systems and AI.


Hi! My name is Gurleen, and I’m a third-year CS major. I’m from Upper Darby, just ten minutes from campus. I transferred into this program from the First-Year Exploratory Studies program because I wasn’t sure if this was the path I wanted to pursue, but after taking CS 164 (which I now TA), I was hooked. I’m a big fan of basketball, Formula One, and football (Go Birds!). In my off-time I’m either working on my business, prepping for coding interviews, or listening to Aminé. Feel free to shoot me a message about Drexel, the city, or anything about computer science!