Nick DeFilippis

Nick DeFilippis 

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Major: BS Computer Science & BS Mathematics (Minor: Astrophysics; CS Tracks: Numeric & Symbolic Computation and Algorithms & Data Structures)

Year: Pre-Junior

Hometown: Collegeville, PA

I chose this major because... I love the intersection between the abstract nature of math and the limitless capabilities of computer science.

Favorite Course: PHYS 231 Introduction to Astrophysics- I learned a bunch of cool space facts and got to apply my computational knowledge to an interesting topic. Plus, this class helped me with my summer research project, which I did in the computational astrophysics department here at Drexel.

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities: Newswriter and Distribution Manager for The Triangle, Phi Sigma Pi, Dragon '24, Drexel Track Club, Drexel CyberDragons

Co-ops I've done: Although I haven't been on a co-op yet, I have had a few great internship experiences. I worked for a Halfpenny Technologies in Blue Bell, PA. I worked on an application that found duplicates across a patient database, accounting for things like typos and nicknames. What was cool about this internship was that I was able to implement a machine learning algorithm completely from scratch, which I then got to demonstrate to a few Chief Officers of the company. I also did an internship for Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA. I worked on a mobile recruitment tool and a data analysis tool. I loved this experience because instead of traditional cubicles, I worked with eight other interns in a conference room, where we were constantly able to bounce ideas off each other and troubleshoot our problems together.

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: The Triangle. Whether its driving the Gator around campus or covering the latest breaking news around campus, I love the feeling of contributing to the Drexel community and expanding my skills outside of my major.

When I'm not at Drexel, I'm... usually running on the beautiful Schuylkill River Trail, exploring new places in the city, or discovering the awesome events that are always popping up around the area.

When you are in Philadelphia, I think you should... take advantage of all the free events! There are free movie screenings all over the city, especially during the summer. Once, I got to watch Rocky run up the Art Museum steps while I was sitting on those very same steps.

Advice to new/incoming CCI students:  Don't hesitate to try things outside of your major. It's one of the best ways to make a diverse group of friends, and more likely than not, you'll find something that you really like.

What is your dream job? Mathematics Professor

Favorite Animated Character: Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.


Hi, my name is Nick. I'm from the suburbs right outside of Philly. I'm a second-year mathematics and computer science major at Drexel. I love being here at Drexel, not just because of the academics, but also because of the diversity of opportunities it has to offer. I really like engaging with people and activities outside my major and I actively encourage myself to try new things, especially if it involves stepping outside my usual comfort zone.