Cassidy Ashe


Contact Cassidy

Major: BS Software Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Clayton, NJ

I chose this major because... After finding my love for coding in high school, I wanted to make it my career. I really enjoy both programming and leadership. I hope to use the skills I learn here to put myself in a position to find my dream job! 

Favorite Course: CS164 with Professor Brian Stuart. That class was both challenging and fun, and really solidified for me that I chose the right major. He was an incredibly engaging and knowledgeable professor, and the Teaching Assistants were wonderful mentors!

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities: Women in Computing Society (WiCS), Drexel Coffee Club (DUCC)

Co-ops I've done: None yet! I’m looking forward to my first one this upcoming spring.

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: My favorite place at Drexel is Drexel Park, there’s a beautiful view of the city and people always bring their dogs there!

When I'm not at Drexel, I'm... Exploring Philadelphia, drinking a ton of fancy coffee, thrifting or working on a personal coding project!

When you are in Philadelphia, I think you should... Explore, explore, explore! There is so much to see and do in this city. Find free events, go to a park, or just see the sights with some friends. There is so much amazing food, and there are so many beautiful places to just walk around.

Advice to new/incoming CCI students: Be sure to work on having a balance of course work with your social life. Definitely put your best effort toward education, but make sure to take breaks and enjoy the freedom of being in a brand new city with like-minded people!

What is your dream job? My dream job is to be a software engineer and entrepreneur. I want to write code and either climb up the corporate ladder or own my own business! 


Hi! I’m Cassidy, and I’m a sophomore in Software Engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship. I came to Drexel as a software engineering major and I knew immediately that I made the right choice which is extremely lucky. 

I’m very interested in smart home technology, and I really hope to enter that field some day. While it is weird how integrated technology has become in our lives, it’s fascinating to think how smart our homes could become and the potential it has to automate our lives. 


I absolutely love it here at Drexel, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to answer!