Arya Nguyen


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Major: BS Computer Science (Minor: Mathematics)

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I chose this major because... when I was little, I always grabbed a remote control and opened National Geographic channel on after a long day from school. Breakthrough, Genius by Stephen Hawking, and Machine Impossible are a few among tons of informative, intriguing, and engaging shows on Nat Geo that fired my imagination and awake my interest in science and technology. I was really amazed at how cutting-edge innovations were transforming our lives and our businesses, and thus, I have always been dreaming to become a one who would bring out a solution to some problem in the society. Since I am interested in computers and like the idea
of applying math to solve problems, I choose to pursue a computer science degree.

Favorite Course(s): My favorite course at Drexel University is The ENGR 370, a research project of the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program. In this class, I have the opportunity to assemble drones from scratch and work on object detection code.

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities: Membership Chair - Society of Women Engineers, Event Coordinator - Drexel University Debate Union, Active member - Women in Computing Society, Member - Drexel AI

Co-ops I've done:

  • My first co-op going to be Software Engineer at Kulicke & Soffa.

Favorite thing/place at Drexel: CCI's new building.

When I'm not at Drexel, I'm... hanging out with my friends, drinking boba teas in Chinatown, trying different dining places in Philly.

When you are in Philadelphia, I think you should... try some restaurants in Chinatown or go shopping in King of Prussia.

Advice to new/incoming CCI students: Be proactive and get involved in campus activities. You can participate in projects of Drexel AI organization or join some hackathons such as PhillyCodefest or DragonHacks. You can also join other hackathons hosted by other universities and companies.

What is your dream job? AI/ML researcher at a large tech company. Ultimately, I want to start
my own startup in the field of AI/ML.

Favorite Animated Character: Wall-E in Wall-E


Hi, I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. In my freshman year, I was involved in two research projects related to drones and AI. I'm currently doing my co-op as a Software Engineer at Kulicke & Soffa. I love reading books, and I currently read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harar when commuting to work. Please feel free to reach out to me!